TerraSlate Super Bowl Pick 'Em

The Super Bowl LI Pick 'Em Promo is an opportunity to get your entire order for free with no strings attached! Simply enter the name of the team you think will win the 2021 Super Bowl in the Order Notes section at checkout. 

If the team you choose wins the Super Bowl this year, we will literally refund your order to the method paid, or we will mail you a check for the same amount if you prefer.  There are no strings attached and you get to keep both your refund and your order.

Promotion Rules:

  • Must place the order online (no phone orders, emailed invoice orders, or purchase orders)
  • You may not use a discount of any kind or your entry will be disqualified
  • Orders placed as a part of this promotion are strictly non-refundable
  • Orders must be placed prior to kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday-February 7, 2021.
  • Limit of one team, per customer, per company, with a maximum total order value of $10,000 
  • Your team must be clearly typed in the Order Notes field at time of checkout (there are no exceptions or late-adds)
  • If you put more than one team in the order notes, or if your entry is ambiguous or unclear, your entry will be disqualified
  • Once your order is placed you cannot change your pick
  • If you correctly pick the winner of Super Bowl LV and you typed that in the Order Notes at the time of entry, you must send an email within one week of the end of the super bowl to nfl@terraslate.com with your order number to initiate your refund

We believe in protecting the privacy of our customers and therefore we will not sell or distribute your information or data.  You can be either a new or a returning customer to enter the promo. If you have questions you can call us at 720.254.1887 or email nfl@terraslate.com.

Winners get a full refund and they get to keep their order.  Have fun!

Below is a screen shot of where to enter your Super Bowl LV pick:

Order Notes Example

All products on the terraslate.com website are eligible for the promotion.

Shop now and your order could be free!



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