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    5 Mil Waterproof Copy Paper 11" x 17"



    5 Mil Waterproof Copy Paper 11" x 17"


    5 Mil TerraSlate Paper is a well-balanced weight for a variety of jobs.  With the widest array of applications, the 5 mil is the paper for the job.  Whether you need to print a field manual, flyer, menu or extensive marketing materials, this thickness can handle the job.

    Designed to last forever, even outside in the elements, this 5 mil TerraSlate paper will outlast and outperform any piece of laminated or coated paper out there.  Print it through any laser printer and never waste time or money laminating individual pieces of paper again.

    Grease-proof, waterproof, tear-proof, wipeable and punchable.  The applications are limitless.  Order today.


      • Bank Statements
      • Important Financial Records
      • Birth Certificates
      • Marriage Licenses
      • Deeds 
      • Titles
      • Prepper Books
      • Training Manuals
      • Military Manuals
      • Cookbooks
      • Recipe Cards
      • Outdoor Field Guides
      • Inventory Prep Tags

      Durable and laser-printer and digital-press compatible, TerraSlate waterproof paper is ideal any time printed materials will be subject to frequent handling or extreme environmental conditions. 

      For quantities over 10,000 sheets, please email us at: info@terraslate.com

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