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    Durable & Waterproof Labels - 8.5" x 11"


    TerraSlate Paper

    Durable & Waterproof Labels - 8.5" x 11"


    How Durable are TerraSlate Durable Waterproof Labels?

    TerraSlate Durable Labels, are ideally suited for anytime printed labels will be subject to frequent handling or extreme environmental conditions. Just like TerraSlate Waterproof paper, TerraSlate Durable Labels are waterproof, tear-resistant and designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions. When you need a label that will withstand the elements of time, TerraSlate’s got  you covered!

    TerraSlate Durable Removable Labels

    Microsphere Labels are flexible enough to allow ongoing repositionability and ultraremovability. Converters, printers and end-users alike are pleased when working with TerraSlate Microsphere Labels as it makes for exceptional end-user performance.

    TerraSlate Microsphere Labels have a unique physical structure in which large particles limit physical contact with the surface, to form a discontinuous film that results in a solution that sticks on anything, is sure to remove cleanly, and can be reused over and over again. Think of TerraSlate Microsphere Labels as “Signage Anywhere!”

    Low Tack Labels stick anywhere, can be repositioned and can be attached and cleanly removed on most walls, smooth, rough or other hard surfaces when used as labels or signage. Comes in matte or clear sheets.

    TerraSlate Durable Permanent Labels

    Permanent Waterproof Labels have a long lasting adhesive to sure your label will stay in place! With tear-resistance and water-resistance features these labels are great for applications in rain, heat or frequent handling. Available in matte, gloss or clear sheets.

    Marine & Laboratory Grade Labels are Marine and Laboratory Grade BS 5609:1986 Section 2 and 3-Compliant and are the industry’s most durable labeling products available. Designed to withstand wash-downs as well as total seawater immersion, applications include chemical drum labels, drums and containers used to transport petroleum, paint and liquid or powder chemicals, lab and healthcare labels, and warehouse and distribution labels. These labels are 2mil in thickness on 8.5” x 11 and 12” x 18 sheets and can be peeled from the liner with a gloved hand. The construction is optimized for dry toner print applications.

    Suitable for most dry toner (laser/LED) & thermal transfer print processes, both mono and color small-volume, mid-volume & production machines. On such machines the user must establish for themselves the optimum settings and paper path, being aware of the thickness and weight of the material.

    Removable Label Features & Benefits

    • Clean removability with no trace of adhesive – No ghosting on clear or frosted surfaces
    • Long-term removability
    • Works on rough and curved surfaces
    • Water resistant
    • Tear resistant
    • Repositional
    • Windshield service tags

    Permanent Label Features & Benefits

    • Tear resistant
    • Water resistant
    • Repels grease, chemicals and petroleum
    • Withstands high temperatures and harsh environments
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