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    PODD Communication Book


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    PODD Communication Book


    PODD Communication Books help nonverbal children and adults communicate by using pictures.  We are proud to be able to help in a small way by printing PODD books for the cost of the materials and labor.  We know how much time and effort goes into raising a nonverbal child so we do not mark up the price of the PODD books we print. 

    PODD Communication Books come with up to 130 total pages / 240 facing sides, coil bound together, and are made out of TerraSlate's 100% waterproof and rip proof paper.  We use 14 mil TerraSlate for the front and back covers and 8 mil for the interior pages.  This gives the PODD books plenty of durability for daily use while reducing overall weight to make them more portable and easy to carry.

    If you have a PODD book with more than 130 pages, or prefer to have 10 mil interior pages instead of 8 mil, send an email to info@terraslate.com for a custom quote.

    Once the PODD book is received, the individual tabs will need to be cut out with scissors as die-cutting is far to expensive and we try to keep costs down on PODD books as much as possible. 

    Note that we are not the inventors or creators of PODD and we require that you have permission to use the PODD license before sending the PDFs to us to print.

    Also note that because we make PODD books at our cost, we are not able to offer free shipping on them.  However, you can take advantage of our negotiated shipping rates for both USA and international orders.  Please email us for a shipping quote if you need one - info@terraslate.com.

    Photo courtesy of Gayle Porter, inventor of the PODD Communication Book.

    "I give permission for you to continue the printing service using pdf files submitted by customers who own the license to use the PODD template resources software.  You also have my permission to use the attached image in your advertising."  -Gayle Porter

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