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    Prepper Paper - WTSHTF


    TerraSlate Paper

    Prepper Paper - WTSHTF


    Prepper Paper was created to fill the need for waterproof maps, logs, notepads and record books that exists in every end of the world scenario.  Prepper Paper is designed to last 100 years after doomsday, even if kept underwater the entire time which makes it perfect for any application where traditional paper was previously used.  

    By developing a synthetic paper that is non-porous, we created paper that acts, looks and works like regular paper, but will last forever even under the harshest environmental conditions. 

    This is a military-grade paper that works well in plain paper copiers and laser printers. Great for printing forms, maps and signs for outdoor use.  It is also a great choice for outdoor note-taking situations.

    Prepper Paper is NOT a coated paper substrate like other "waterproof" paper options out there which can degrade if submerged in water.  Prepper Paper is synthetic paper from front to back and is 100% waterproof through and through.  Prepper Paper can remain wet without degrading for easily 100 years without ink bleed or degradation.  Don't believe us?  Order a sample pack and run it through your dishwasher a few times. 

    Prepper Paper can be used in your laser printer or copier to print topographic maps, forms, charts and more. Printable in black and white and full color on both sides.

    Prepper Paper is well suited for applications where readability at a distance is paramount.  Often used in directional signage, postings, notices, ledgers, architectural or building design, and mapping.  

    Prepper paper is designed to last 100 years after doomsday or any survivalist situation.  Our patented pending paper is made from synthetic blend of materials each selected for a specific quality.  

    By using state-of-the art methods we are able to create paper that looks, feels and acts like regular paper, with the added benefits of being 100% waterproof, tearproof, grease proof and chemically resistant.  

    This stuff is the real deal.  So much so that our paper is now being used by the Navy SEALS in their underwater field manuals.

    Buy now and print your critical documents, checklists and records through any laser printer.  You can also use a pen, pencil or sharpie marker for any post-apocalyptic situation. 

      • Prepper Paper is Critical for Keeping Hard Copies of:
        • Legal Documents
        • Wills, Deeds & Trusts
        • Titles
        • Bank Statements
        • Survival Instructions
        • Checklists
        • Instructions
        • Maps
        • Directional Signage
        • Record Keeping
        • Note & Chore Lists
        • Note & Chore Lists
        • Informational Sheets
        • Architecture & Building Design Plans
    Prepper Paper is 100% weather proof and is excellent for extreme outdoor, marine and field use. It is even possible to write on Weatherproof Paper underwater with a standard ink pen (gas charged write-anywhere pens work best upside-down and underwater.)
    • Puncture resistant
    • Tear resistant
    • Professional Print Quality
    • Printable & Waterproof on  both sides
    • Laser printable
    • Tamper-evident secure
    • bonds with toners, inks, adhesives and laminating film
    • Foldable
    • Glueable
    • Easily Embossed
    • Can be laminated
    • Annotate with ink, felt tip or highlighter pens
    • Use in most copiers
    • Excellent toner image and bond
    • Inks dry quickly 

    Since Prepper Paper is waterproof, it is an excellent base for maps, signs, hunting permits, banners, product labels and barcode labels. The material does not peal so it is not necessary to seal edges or laminate printed pieces. This paper is perfect for building custom water bottle labels.

    Weatherproof Paper provides a rich secure base for handwritten notes. Pens, highlighters, whiteboard markers, permanent markers and color markers all make permanent, indelible annotations. With a gas-charged space pen, you can even write upside-down underwater.

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