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The TerraSlate Menu Report provides the average national price for the most popular menu items in the country.  The report is incredibly useful for comparing your current menu prices on appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks to the national average. 

By using this report, you can make a judgment of whether or not your prices are justified.  For instance, a restaurant with a great view in Aspen is likely to have prices higher than the national average for most or all dishes.  You may also decide that you are more of a fast casual or quick serve restaurant that warrants lower prices to attract more customers.

This report contains the food and beverage items that have a statistically significant number of occurrences on menus.  Therefore a unique dish that only shows up on a few menus around the country will only have a few price entries and is thus not statistically significant enough to include on this report.  Our aim is to provide the most accurate and useful data possible.

This report is regularly updated and compiled in-house by TerraSlate and is protected by copyright owned by TerraSlate Paper, LLC. While free, it may not be reproduced, copied, duplicated, distributed, sold, or used in any derivative works without the prior written consent of TerraSlate Paper, LLC.


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