Can You Print on Waterproof Paper?


Can You Print on Waterproof Paper?

From temporary license plate tags that need to endure the elements, to menus that are worn down by hand after messy hand, there are an abundance of needs for waterproof and weatherproof paper. But what good would that paper do if it is not possible to actually print on? So often, waterproof paper manufacturers offer products that claim to withstand the vagaries of so many destructive industries. The downside? More often than not, in order to enjoy the waterproof qualities of their paper products, it is also necessary to make use of their printing service. This is all well and good, except that it is not particularly time-effective or cost-effective. At TerraSlate, we offer printing services at industry leading pricing, but we also provide high-quality waterproof paper that you can purchase and take with you to print anywhere with access to any laser printer—no special printer or printing services needed.

The Problem Behind Waterproof Paper Options

The idea behind waterproof paper is one that is inherently contradictory. On one hand, the demand is for a paper-like product that repulses and repels all moisture directed at it. On the other hand, the need is for the paper to still function as, well, paper. Waterproof paper that is strong enough to withstand moisture but still accepts toner from printers and copy machines or ballpoint pens without smudging or running surely seems like the mythical creature of office supplies—a fantastic idea, but not truly plausible. For those that needed waterproof materials before TerraSlate, there were two primary workarounds: laminated materials and water-resistant paper.


One reason lamination processes came so strongly to the fore is because it meant anyone with access to a printer and paper could create and customize paper materials, then protect those materials with a semi-flexible plastic exterior. The downside, as you may have experienced, is that once the paper has been laminated, it’s more or less impossible to change the contents of the printed material. Peeling the lamination off inevitably ruins the materials within, and neither the paper nor the laminate material is reusable or recyclable. 

See How it Works

Water Resistant Paper, Kind Of

The other primary issue with many waterproof paper options on the market currently is the printability. There are a variety of paper-products that claim to be waterproof or water resistant; however, in order to enjoy the moisture-repellant properties, the materials often have to be printed in-house by the manufacturer and the waterproofing layered on or imbued into the paper after the contents have been printed. 

What Makes Our Waterproof Paper Different?

At TerraSlate, our goal is to make a waterproof and weatherproof paper product that is useful in real-life situations. This means hours upon hours of toil in order to create a product that functioned like paper in terms of writing or printing but would not allow the ink to bleed, smudge, or blur. And, perhaps more importantly, create a paper product that will not turn into a sodden, soggy mess when precipitation happens. The result is our specially designed waterproof printer paper, which offers the ease of use that is standard to any printer paper, but offers protection against moisture and water. What makes our waterproof paper stand out above other options is that you can print on it like a regular sheet of printer paper. There is no special printing process that requires in-house printing services—though we do offer printing services for those who want them—and there is no need to laminate your materials once they have been printed.

Experience the difference for yourself. Head to the TerraSlate online shop for a sample pack or explore our full line of waterproof paper options!

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