Cutting Expenses to be Safe by Paul Davidson, USA Today

USA Today Write Up - March 6, 2020

"Businesses that depend on dining and tourism are also getting squeezed. TerraSlate, which makes waterproof, tear-proof paper, has suffered a 30% loss in revenue as many restaurants in China, Southeast Asia and Europe have stopped ordering its paper for menus amid sharp sales declines, says company president Kyle Ewing. 
The 15-employee company, based in Denver, Colorado, has put off plans to add two sales representatives, he says. “We just don’t want to hire them and then lay them off right away.”"

TerraSlate Update: after seeing our sales taking a further dip in the middle of March when the world began to close down, we are now back to 100% of pre-COVID sales as of May 15th.  We attribute our quick rebound in sales to the fact that TerraSlate can be washed, cleaned, and sanitized in environments ranging from hospitality to education, to biotech, and grocery.

This article was written by Paul Davidson for the USA Today and was published on March 6, 2020.