About TerraSlate Paper

TerraSlate waterproof paper delivers innovative business printing solutions—including laser and digital applications—to meet the requirements of global customers and personalized service while consistently exceeding customer expectations.

TerraSlate Paper

TerraSlate is a leading provider of rip proof and waterproof printer paper to a wide array of industries.  

TerraSlate was designed to be incredibly durable while maintaining the ability to print through any laser printer or copy machine.  It can be cut, punched, folded and creased making it suitable for applications across many industries.  

TerraSlate Paper is a digital print compatible, durable, rip-proof and 100% waterproof synthetic paper.  TerraSlate is an ideal solution for outdoor applications or for anytime your printed materials will be subjected to heavy handling or extreme environmental conditions.  

Colors show up brilliantly and will stand up to any outdoor, underwater or military application.  TerraSlate Paper is currently being used by the US ARMY, NAVY and Air Force in operations around the world.

TerraSlate tear proof and waterproof printer paper can printed through any laser printer and comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses applicable to a wide array of industries. We are able to answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact a representative today about your virtually indestructible paper needs. (720) 254-1887.