What is TerraSlate Paper?

TerraSlate Paper is the world's most proven rip-proof and waterproof printer paper on the market. Compatible with ballpoint pens, copy machines, laser printers and digital presses, TerraSlate is a fully synthetic paper that never needs laminating.

TerraSlate was developed to be durable, tear-proof and waterproof in order to withstand rain, heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, temperature variations, all while repelling grease, solvents and chemicals.

TerraSlate offers superior laser image quality with the appearance, smoothness and printability of standard paper; and works great in most any standard laser printer or digital press. Most importantly, TerraSlate is more cost-effective to use and has a much more professional look than laminating.

What is TerraSlate Paper made from?

TerraSlate is made from a military-grade polyester that enables its extreme performance in adverse conditions.  TerraSlate is durable, tear proof and waterproof to withstand rain, heat and temperature variations while deterring grease, solvents and chemicals.  Simply wipe clean and re-use.  It can even be run through a commercial dishwasher. 

Will TerraSlate work with my printer?

TerraSlate paper can be printed on with any laser or digital printer/copier.  Feel free to ask us about your exact printer. TerraSlate waterproof paper is endorsed for use on many digital presses, including Kodak, Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, and more.  See the list here.  We can also print anything you need for you here at our state-of-the-art printing facility.  Email printing@terraslate.com for a quote today.

Note that TerraSlate is not compatible with inkjet printers as water-based ink does not adhere well to waterproof paper.  However, we have a full-service print shop in-house that can print for you with ultra high resolution and a 2-day turnaround on production.

Is TerraSlate economical?

Yes, TerraSlate printer paper is extremely cost effective to use.  It is more affordable than laminated materials and takes much less time to produce. Our tear-proof and waterproof paper is designed to last over 100 years, even with heavy use, but is also inexpensive enough to use on a daily basis.

What is TerraSlate Waterproof Paper best suited for?

TerraSlate is ideally suited for use any time printed materials will be subject to frequent handling or extreme conditions. Because TerraSlate is made tough, you can count on it in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth.

Where is TerraSlate sold?

TerraSlate is sold with the absolute lowest, factory-direct pricing right here on our website at www.terraslate.com.  TerraSlate can also be purchased at walmart.com and on amazon.com, however the prices there are always higher because of their markup.

Can I print full in full color on TerraSlate Paper?

Yes, TerraSlate has superior laser image quality and can easily be printed in brilliant High Definition color on both sides equally.  Our synthetic polyester retains color better than any other paper on the market with the appearance, smoothness and printability of standard paper.

Do you have a list of printers that you know works well?
Is it recyclable?

Yes, TerraSlate waterproof and weatherproof paper is both re-usable and recyclable.

-Note that like anything, TerraSlate may or may not be able to be recycled into new materials at your local recycling center which is why we strongly encourage re-use whenever possible.

Can I print on both sides?

TerraSlate is omni-sided meaning both sides look equally brilliant and can easily handle back-to-front printing.

How long does shipping take?

We offer free 2-Day shipping within the lower 48 states and Alaska on most orders.  Expedited, overnight, or ground shipping is always available at checkout if desired. 

What else can it be used for?

TerraSlate is available as laser paper, laser labels, laser ID cards, door hangers, luggage tags, bookmarks and more.  Plus it is easily customizable for any application. 

Standard sizes include 8.5" x 11," 8.5" x 14," 11" x 17," 12" x 18," 13" x 19," "A3," "A4," "A5" and iGen compatible 20.5" x 14.33." Custom sizes can be ordered with those over 13" x 19" requiring a minimum order of 4,000 sheets.

Does TerraSlate's Nano Coating (included on menus and by request on printed materials) protect people from all disease causing microbes? 

While TerraSlate’s proprietary nano-coating significantly reduces the growth of microbes, it does not protect users or others against all disease causing microbes. This technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and/or cleaning practices.

Can I print on TerraSlate with UV Flexo Ink?

Yes you can do so with UV Flexo Ink (UV lamp curing).  If you are printing variable data, make sure the UV Flexo Ink is compatible with laser printer equipment.  It should not melt onto the fuser. 

Can I print TerraSlate on KIP or Ricoh poster printer devices?

No, TerraSlate is not compatible with KIP or Ricoh poster printing devices. 

Can I print standard TerraSlate on HP Indigo presses?

No, however we make a specific substrate for HP Indigo presses.  For more information or to place an order for Indigo compatible TerraSlate, call us or email printing@terraslate.com.

Can I print TerraSlate via offset?

Yes, but please email us for tips when printing TerraSlate via offset printing.

Can I screen print TerraSlate? 

Yes, TerraSlate prints well with UV screen printing presses.

Can TerraSlate be cut using laser cutters?

Yes, laser cutting works well with TerraSlate. 

Can I drill TerraSlate?

Yes, but make sure to use low speed whenever possible to reduce heat as heat can melt the substrate if it the temperature gets too high. We also recommend using new and sharp drill bits.  For best results, spray the drill bit with dry silicone spray before drilling.

Can TerraSlate be embossed?

Yes, however we recommending testing on your own equipment before committing to a large order.

Can I use TerraSlate for ultrasonic welding?

No, TerraSlate does not work well for ultrasonic welding.

What type of binding do you recommend for binding TerraSlate?

We recommend spiral binding with either wire or monofilament, or Wire-O binding.  Perfect binding is also possible on 5 Mil and 8 Mil TerraSlate but is not recommended for 10 Mil and 14 Mil TerraSlate because of its thickness.

Can TerraSlate be finished with UV Varnish?

Yes, TerraSlate works well with UV Varnish.

What are the best utensils for writing or drawing on TerraSlate?

We recommend using ballpoint pens and sharpies. Pencils also work but they are more prone to smearing in some instances. We do not recommend using liquid ink pens or gel pens as the liquid ink in them does not adhere well to waterproof paper. 

Is TerraSlate considered archival quality paper?

Yes, TerraSlate is acid-free and is great for archival use.

How does TerraSlate react to long exposure to sunlight?

TerraSlate can become very slightly yellow after long periods of exposure to sunlight, however we have never heard of this being a problem.  We use it outdoors regularly in direct sunlight and have not found this to be an issue.

Is TerraSlate PVC free?

Yes, TerraSlate is completely free of PVC which is toxic and is never recommended for use in the print world or in an application where its fumes will be breathed in or when it will be handled without gloves.  TerraSlate does not have these problems.

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*Note that like anything, TerraSlate may or may not be able to be recycled into new materials at your local recycling center which is why we strongly encourage re-use whenever possible.


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