TerraSlate Paper has proven to be the world's most tear-proof & waterproof laser printer paper. Compatible with ballpoint pens, copy machines, laser printer and digital presses, TerraSlate is a synthetic paper that never needs laminating.

TerraSlate was developed to be durable, tear-proof and waterproof in order to withstand rain, heat up to 350 degrees, temperature variations, all while repelling grease, solvents and chemicals.

TerraSlate weatherproof paper offers superior laser image quality with the appearance, smoothness and printability of standard paper; and works great in most any standard laser printer or digital press. Most importantly, TerraSlate weatherproof paper is more cost-effective to use and has a much more professional look than laminating.

Features & Benefits


Benefits Of TerraSlate Waterproof Paper

TerraSlate waterproof paper takes the concept of standard printer paper and improves upon it to an exponential level. It may look like standard printer paper, but our waterproof paper is actually a great deal more versatile than it appears. Benefits include:

Easy to Print

We designed our waterproof paper to be compatible with the standard laser printer. Choose a file and print as you usually would — no additional work required! Even better, our waterproof paper is also compatible with ballpoint pens, copy machines, and digital presses. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to create waterproof materials when you need them, so our waterproof paper was created to be used with commonly available document creating options. 

No Additional Treatments/Processes

Before the TerraSlate team created our waterproof paper, nearly all means of waterproofing paper involved either a specialty printing process or some sort of post-printing treatment to make the designs color-fast. With lamination, each sheet needs to be printed then put in a plastic pocket, carefully squared, and sealed with a lamination machine. With our waterproof paper, your document is waterproof and ready to go straight from the printer.

Repels More Than Water

TerraSlate paper is waterproof, so there is no need to worry about a spilled beverage or a humid area causing damage. Roll it, bend it, and even take it scuba diving with you and our paper will hold the design. There is no bubbling or separating like you often find with laminated materials. But we take it a step further than that; our waterproof paper repels more than just water. It is highly liquid-repellant, so things like grease, chemicals, and solvents all roll off with ease. 

High-Quality Details

No waterproof paper option is worth it if the designs are too blurry to be legible. Not only do we want to ensure your documents are legible, we want to give you a way to enjoy crisp lines and high-quality details without compromising on durability or waterproofing. Our waterproof printer paper, waterproof sticker paper sheets, and other products are all smooth and color-fast to provide you with clean lines and high-quality color images. The only limitations are the printer and image quality.


What good is waterproofing if the material does not last? Not only is our paper waterproof, but it is also tear-proof to provide durability. Think about what happens when you roll, fold, or otherwise crease laminated materials. The protective plastic is likely to split apart, giving moisture an easy way to seep in and destroy the paper inside. Rolling or bending will not affect the waterproof nature of our paper. You can even cut a sheet in two with a pair of scissors and the design will stay color-fast.

Temperature Resistance

Moisture is not the only concern for some waterproof paper uses. Say, for example, you need waterproof signs to go in a busy restaurant kitchen or to hang in a walk-in freezer. TerraSlate waterproof paper is made to withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can handle the heat in your kitchen (or any other location with a lot of temperature variance).


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