Waterproof Paper Shipping Options

We know you are excited to experience the awesome properties of TerraSlate waterproof paper. That’s why we waste no time in preparing your order and sending it out. We ship orders to anywhere in the world for free with industry leading turnaround times. Our goal is cost efficiency; we want to get your waterproof paper samples, custom orders, waterproof printer paper, and everything else to you as quickly as possible and with the lowest shipping cost possible to save you time and money. In fact, some of our sample packs even ship free!

For those within the U.S., our standard shipping procedure is:

We primarily ship samples & proofs of our waterproof printer paper via FedEx and UPS which takes about 1-2 days depending on your location. Samples and proofs that are legal size or smaller ship in FedEx Express flat rate envelopes which ship to anywhere in the country in two business days - Hawaii and Alaska included!

Waterproof menu orders ship with free overnight shipping to the lower 48 and we offer free 2-day shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.  Waterproof paper orders ship with free 2-day shipping to anywhere in the USA.  We also offer free International shipping on orders over $100 USD and the best part is that we pay the import duties and taxes for you.  You always have the option at checkout to upgrade your shipping speed with exact quotes provided. Packages ship from Denver, Colorado from zip code 80223.  

The map below depicts shipping times for FedEx Ground and UPS Ground from Denver. If you have any questions about receiving samples of our waterproof paper, and having it shipped to you, contact us today

FedEx Ground Shipping Speed from Denver

TerraSlate Shipping FedEx

UPS Ground Shipping Speed from Denver

TerraSlate Shipping UPS

Shipping Outside The U.S.

If you live outside the 48 contiguous states and you want to experience the benefits of TerraSlate waterproof paper, not to worry! It is very cost effective to order TerraSlate waterproof paper products. We ship to U.S. territories for the same price it would cost to ship throughout the states. Unheard of, right? We know what a frustration it can be to live outside the 48 continental states and face much higher shipping costs, despite living in locations that the United States Postal Service delivers to. We’ve done what we can to alleviate that burden, especially for those of you who live in U.S. territories.

We use USPS Flat Rate boxes to provide quick shipping at the same low rates that customers who live in the continental U.S. experience. The beauty of these is that you pay a single flat rate, and the box will ship anywhere the USPS delivers — U.S. territories included. USPS Flat Rate boxes allow us to ship outside the U.S. for less because the cost is based on the size of the box, rather than the weight. It doesn’t matter which U.S. territory you live in, you’ll pay the same price as someone in the U.S. to get your waterproof paper order.


Waterproof Paper Shipping Options


This quick, cost-effective option extends to those who live in:

  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands)
  • American Samoa

USPS Flat Rate shipping is also available for residents of Hawaii and Alaska. Yes, we know you’re part of the U.S., but you know that shipping rates don’t always reflect that. At TerraSlate, we choose to use shipping methods that are cost-effective and quick so you can enjoy the same financial benefits as anyone in the continental U.S. Our goal is to provide a better waterproof paper alternative — no more lamination, no more hassle, no more expensive shipping. Choose the USPS Flat Rate shipping option, and we’ll get your order to you in a swift and cost-effective way! The only question that remains is which of our awesome waterproof paper options you’ll choose, so explore TerraSlate today!


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