8.5" x 11" Tri-Fold Waterproof Menus

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Or email link to printing@terraslate.com

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Tri-fold menus can be folded traditionally or as a z-fold.

TerraSlate Menus Are:

  • Waterproof and rip-proof
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Incredibly long-lasting and affordable enough to print every month
  • Made from military-grade polyester that can be recycled
  • Highly resistant to grease and staining
  • Designed from the ground up to never crack, peel, or fray
  • Unmatched in durability, print quality, turnaround time, and price
  • The highest quality menus on the market

TerraSlate Menus Come With:

  • Free proprietary Ag+ Antimicrobial & Antiviral Coating which reduces the spread of germs and also ensures the ink is as durable as the TerraSlate material)
  • Free setup
  • Free photo proof
  • Free rounded or square corners
  • Free edge-to-edge printing and trimming
  • Free two-sided color printing in millions of colors via the industry-standard CMYK color model
  • Free 2-day turnaround time with same-day production available
  • Free 2-day shipping

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    What makes TerraSlate the #1 menu company on the market?

    TerraSlate Menus are printed on world-renowned TerraSlate Paper which is durable, easy to sanitize, rip-proof, and 100% waterproof substrate made from military-grade polyester.  TerraSlate Menus are an ideal solution for sanitizable restaurant menus, touchless menus, recipe cards, and in-store signage.

    Do TerraSlate menus come in other sizes?

    Yes, TerraSlate menus are available in various thicknesses, sizes, folds, and colors.  We can make any custom size up to 13" x 19," and there is no additional cost for a custom size as we simply use the next standard size up and trim it down.

    What is the turnaround time?

    Our two-day turnaround time is the fastest in the industry and is included along with free two-day shipping.  We can even do same-day or next-day production with overnight shipping if needed. Simply select rush production above and overnight shipping at checkout.

    How are TerraSlate menus different than laminated menus?

    Unlike laminated menus, TerraSlate menus will never tear, fray, or get ruined by frequent handling or exposure to direct sunlight.  TerraSlate does not have any layers which means that you can literally hole-punch it and it remains 100% waterproof.

    Additionally, our menus also won't stain from spilled food, water, or drinks that happen all the time in busy restaurants.  They are easy to clean and won't harbor germs as other menus can.

    Do TerraSlate menus save me money?

    Absolutely. Our proprietary manufacturing and printing process saves you money on a daily basis by producing superior menus that don't need to be reprinted or replaced as often as regular paper menus, menu inserts, or laminated menus do.  

    How do we do keep our prices so low with the quality we deliver?

    We keep our prices low by tightly managing our end-to-end supply chain, utilizing ultra-low error manufacturing, and by offering factory-direct pricing with no middle-men.  That way you get the best product, as fast as possible, for the best price. 

    We use only the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to be able to produce menus faster and more efficiently than anyone.  The savings we generate are passed directly onto you as the end-user in our factory-direct pricing model. 

    How do TerraSlate menus help my restaurant more profitable?

    Having professionally printed menus increases the perception of your restaurant which helps you get more 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook which quickly brings in more customers.

    Switching to TerraSlate Waterproof Menus is one of the most cost-effective and potentially profitable investments a restaurant owner can make. Menus are the second thing customers judge restaurants on after the initial appearance and are your primary sales tool. It is imperative that your menu conveys the level of quality you want your restaurant to reflect.

    As a restaurant owner, you know better than anyone that your menu is critical to the first impression of your customers. Ambiance and service are always important, but who hasn’t been to a hole-in-the-wall place that has GREAT food? The menu is the sales piece for the food and drinks you serve.

    Can you help me with a new design?

    Yes, we have a full-service design team in-house that can create a new, custom menu design without the use of a template in just a few days.  A custom menu design costs $399 and includes three hours of design work plus an hour of free edits.  We also offer menu templates that you can download for free with no credit card required. Click here to see our free menu templates.

    A proper menu distinguishes your restaurant from others by being unique, clean, professional, and enticing. The menu is the building block that your entire staff and establishment stand on to be successful. Make sure you have a great set of menus that you, your staff, your critics, and your customers can be proud of.

    Your menus need to look great for each customer regardless of what day it is, what servers are working, or how long your menus have been in circulation. Give your restaurant the look you’ve worked so hard for. Order TerraSlate menus today. 

    Note: any menu with a fold is susceptible to additional wear on the folded edge.  While this is typically insignificant and the menu won't rip or fall apart on you, color can become thin or wear out on the folded edges. A best practice is to have white or a light color on any folded edges.

    Please also note that TerraSlate is a very dense substrate and folded menus will not lay perfectly flat when open or closed.  

    Have a question? Call us at (720) 254-1887

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