Not Just Nike and Apple: Small U.S. Firms Disrupted by Coronavirus, Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Write Up - February 21, 2020

"Some companies are looking for new customers to make up for lost sales.  Denver-based TerraSlate Paper, a small maker of waterproof paper and menus, said sales have fallen to near zero in Southeast Asia, which normally accounts for 20% of revenue.
The company, which already sells its waterproof paper to the U.S. military, is now stepping up efforts to add the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, the United Nations and hospitals as customers.  "We are trying to pick up sales in other countries, including the U.S.," said Kyle Ewing, TerraSlate's President."

TerraSlate Update: after seeing our sales taking a further dip in the middle of March when the world began to close down, we are now back to 100% of pre-COVID sales as of May 15th.  We attribute our quick rebound in sales to the fact that TerraSlate can be washed, cleaned, and sanitized in environments ranging from hospitality to education, to biotech, and grocery.

This article was written by Ruth Simon and was published in the Wall Street Journal on February 21, 2020.