Sell Your Home: Promoting Real Estate With Waterproof Paper

Sell Your Home: Promoting Real Estate With Waterproof Paper

Imagine two homes with identical floor plans, both the same age, and both well maintained over the years. Which one will sell for the higher price? The one with best advertising, of course!

Now, this may sound rather hyperbolic, but it is not as overblown as it might sound. With the increase in information dispersal that came alongside the growth of the Internet, real estate sales tactics were inexorably changed. Now, potential home buyers can hop online and browse through hundreds of house listings in an evening, and in that time, they can make a lot of judgments about which houses they prefer and which will not work. With such an inundation of information, it is more important than ever to give particular attention to your advertising methods.

Advertising Homes For Sale

Particularly when your local housing market is booming, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. A home’s sale price can absolutely come down to the advertising — and specifically, how many people you can present your information to, not just how well-prepared that information is. This means embracing a variety of different advertising methods. This includes polishing up any information and photos that go to home listing websites, not just the MLS listing.

In addition, as “old school” as it might feel, you will still need to make sure your print advertising is up to snuff. This goes beyond posting an ad in the local newspaper. Think about any advertisements you might hang up in your local realty office for buyers to peruse. Those can have just as big of an impact as the online listings. On top of those items, there is one key area of physical real estate advertising that many overlook: the flyer.

Advertising At The Home

There is still a great deal of value to the printed flyer, despite living in the Digital Age. Plenty of home buyers will drive through neighborhoods they love to get a feel for the area. If there is a ‘for sale’ sign with an informative pamphlet, the buyers are more likely to seize the opportunity to learn more, then delve into additional research online. Or, if current residents see a home for sale and they know someone house hunting, they are more likely to spread the word if there is something for them to grab.

The pitfall to this is how easily paper and even cardstock flyers can be destroyed by the elements. Our answer? Waterproof paper. It comes with all the benefits of a quality printer paper, but it can survive the elements and continue enticing buyers when other homes’ flyers have dissolved into a sodden pile.

TerraSlate waterproof printer paper, posters, flyers, and adhesives are all colorfast, rip-proof, and work with the standard laser printer — they are waterproof with no special processing! Boost your real estate advertising prowess; explore the full range of TerraSlate waterproof paper products online today!

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