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Have you always wanted to set your mind to something and accomplish what you thought was impossible? Now you can, and with proof! With the tear resistant paper available here at Terraslate Paper, you can hike a grueling 14er in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and let everyone know about your success with a picture of proof. In our previous post, we stated how you could use your water resistant paper to your advantage: Snap a photo with your sign and enjoy the glory. But, where do you even start? Here’s where:

Here’s a list of the most popular 14ers in Colorado that you have to check out!

Mt. Massive

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, you can find yourself at the base of Mount Massive. Mount Massive is 14,428 feet tall, and it is just over 10 miles. At 10.6 miles, you will have completed your round trip journey to the summit of Mt. Massive and back. Just west-southwest of the city of Leadville is the base of this moderate hike. It is the 28th highest 14er in North America and located within the Mount Massive Wilderness of San Isabel National Forest.

If you have always wanted to accept a challenge of a long hike, there’s no better mountain to climb than Mt. Massive. Although this hike is long, as long as you have your tear resistant paper banner in your pack to show proof you completed the challenge, we’re sure you can do it! Go ahead and shop for your custom paper banner online with Terraslate Paper today. To learn more great peaks we suggest you climb, stay tuned for our next blog: 14ers You Can Successfully Climb.

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