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What to Do if You Need to Use Paper in Messy or Hazardous Work Environments

Paper is easy, right? For most of us, it’s as simple as grabbing a notebook or a scrap sheet of paper from the junk drawer or the supply closet. However, there are some situations in which grabbing paper isn’t easy — and in some cases, it’s downright pointless or even dangerous. The other option is a computer or a tablet, but in some instances technology still isn’t the most cost-effective or useful alternative to paper for a number of reasons. 

TerraSlate Bio Tech

One great alternative? Waterproof paper. It's as easy to use as traditional paper and is more resilient than lamination. When it comes to any chemical-ridden, moist, or generally messy industry, TerraSlate waterproof paper provides a simple alternative to make data collection a breeze. Consider:

Why Waterproof Paper is Different

For those who don’t know, waterproof paper is more than just traditional wood-pulp paper that has been treated with some kind of post-printing protection. TerraSlate waterproof paper is a fully synthetic paper substrate that was designed to act like paper but with one distinctive difference - it's waterproof and rip-proof. What this means is that you can print TerraSlate paper through any laser printer or copy machine.  You can also write on it with a ballpoint pen or pencil and all of those options will be colorfast immediately. 

For example, for an oceanic researcher, this difference means the choice between grabbing a sheet of waterproof paper and a pencil or finding (and expensing) technology to track data underwater. Waterproof paper is a lot less expensive, easier to use, and more customizable — and you don’t have to worry about batteries dying or an electronics leak while underwater. For anyone in a hazardous or messy industry, the benefits of waterproof paper also include: 

Non-Porous is the Key

TerraSlate waterproof paper is non-porous which means that you can cut, fold and hole punch it and water won't get inside it from the edges.  What this means for you is that our waterproof paper, adhesives and other products easily repel grease, solvents, and most chemicals as well as the more standard liquids. Want to dunk a sheet of waterproof paper into Jell-O and see what happens? No problem! You can print on it, set it in Jell-o, and even jab a pencil into the mix to write on it. We can’t guarantee that your writing will be legible, thanks to the consistency of set gelatin, but with our waterproof paper, you could. And when you pull your paper out of the Jell-O, you can rinse it off and carry on using it for your other culinary experiments. Since it’s non-porous, it’s made to simply let most materials slough off without trouble. 


What good is waterproof paper if it can’t hold up to some rough handling? There’s no use in making paper that survives water and other liquids if it will rip apart from anything more than gentle use! That’s why we’ve made sure all of our waterproof paper products are as durable as they are waterproof.

From biotech labs to Naval ships out at sea, waterproof paper needs to hold up against high winds, high heat, and frigid temperatures as well as the usual sun and rain. We’ve made sure that our waterproof paper products are rip-proof and incredibly durable so they will hold up under a diverse array of difficult conditions. 

Industrial Applications

TerraSlate waterproof paper is ideally suited for a wide array of industries due to the combination of non-porous material and durability. Here are a few of the more hazardous and/or messy industries that get a lot of use out of TerraSlate waterproof paper: 

  • Lab Testing — In laboratory settings where a multitude of materials could potentially get spilled, using a computer to take notes can be a dangerous proposition. This is doubly true when corrosive solutions and contagious pathogens are in play. Instead, use our waterproof paper to take notes. Since it is nonporous, it can be cleaned far more easily, and it will remain colorfast as soon as you jot anything down. 
  • Construction — How often have you lost blueprints to rain or greasy fingers? TerraSlate waterproof paper’s durability lends itself well to construction sites because it’s strong enough to stand up to just about any wear and tear short of being cut with a blade. Connect with our team to discuss custom paper sizes and colors so you can cut down your printing needs. 
  • Oil Fields — Just like laboratories and construction sites, oil fields get messy. Don’t worry about your team smearing oil across a log sheet or a maintenance manual. With our waterproof paper, you can custom print your own materials without worry for how messy they will get. TerraSlate is colorfast without any additional processing, so your crew can sign off on waterproof log sheets with a ballpoint pen and trust that the notations won’t fade away. 
  • Hospitals — The non-porous nature of our waterproof paper products makes it excellent for hospitals and other health-conscious industries because it can be cleaned easily. Where the spread of bacteria and pathogens is a greater worry, waterproof paper gives you a way to keep diligent patient records and post safety signage that can be cleaned easily and hold up against fading. 
  • Military Training — Whether it’s for use during a deployment or a military exercise for training purposes, paper has to perform in the harshest conditions. Make sure maps and other documents are printed on waterproof paper to ensure they will last through the long days and nights as well as the myriad conditions. 
  • Electrical/Chemical Facilities — When safety warnings are of paramount importance, make sure your signage is both cost-effective and will remain legible for years to come. Use waterproof posters to create your own brightly colored, clearly legible signage for electrical diagrams, labeling for chemical drums, and so on. Our waterproof paper products are durable, colorfast, and easy to print on, so you can create signage you know will last. 

Try TerraSlate Waterproof Paper Today

When we talk about all that our waterproof paper can do, we aren’t exaggerating. Our goal is to provide a wide spectrum of industries with an easy-to-use solution for durable, colorfast paper products. We offer paper products that give you the flexibility to create your own custom materials without compromising on strength or usefulness. Connect with the TerraSlate team to learn more about our products, and then shop online to try for yourself and see all that our waterproof paper can do!

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