Who Needs Waterproof Printer Paper?

Who Needs Waterproof Printer Paper?

How often do you think to yourself, “This book would be a lot more useful if it were waterproof”? Sure, reading your favorite novel in the shower would certainly be novel (oh snap!), but waterproof paper is much more useful than used simply for the sake of novelty. So many people get stuck at novelty uses and fail to think of the myriad real-world applications when there are so many times when waterproof printer paper is an easy and cost-effective solution for an otherwise costly problem. The following are some of the most common industries and uses for our waterproof printer paper.


Whether your team is venturing into the rainforests of Brazil or hiking Mount Everest—or anywhere in between—waterproof paper is an excellent way to ensure your data is collected safely and durably. Print off a multi-language dictionary or field manual for use when your team is on the go. Or, print your own charts for recording the data you seek. TerraSlate waterproof paper works with ballpoint pens just as well as it does with laser printers, so you can capture the information you need and transport it back home safely despite an unexpected downpour or an accidental swim in all of your gear.

Government Entities

There are actually a couple different government groups that benefit from quality waterproof printer paper: our troops and local DMVs. As with outdoor researchers, our nation’s military are often sent to parts unknown, where they must deal with the elements whilst doing their job. In the event that important operations manuals or other printed information is damaged, lives could be put at risk. TerraSlate paper is not only waterproof but also extremely durable to survive the travails of the job, no matter where it goes.

Along those lines, the durability and protection against the elements is precisely why both car sales and local Department of Motor Vehicles offices can benefit from waterproof printer paper. How often have temporary tags been printed for a newly purchased vehicle, only for that important document to fall apart on a rainy day? TerraSlate waterproof printer paper comes in a variety of sizes and works with nearly any printer so your office can easily print off temporary car tags and know they will last until the car is registered and gets a permanent license plate. As an added benefit, our waterproof printer paper does not need a specialized printer service, so you can have things printed off in the time it takes your printer to run, no multi-day downtime required.


How often has a dropped hand tool or an unexpected downpour ruined a thick stack of blueprints or building plans? When you print your project plans on our waterproof printer paper, not only will they withstand a bit of rain, but they will also stand up to the mud, grease, and other detritus that abound at construction sites. Landscapers, there is no need to feel left out; our waterproof printer paper works with color printers just as well, so you can print your plans and safely take them to the site.


So often, menus ended up laminated for expediency and cost effectiveness. Except, as the lamination wears along the creases and corners the cost to replace menu after menu can really add up. With TerraSlate waterproof menus, you can achieve the aesthetic you want and no one needs to know that you print off the replacements in your office.


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Outdoor Enthusiasts

While this is not strictly a subset of the workforce, we feel the need to include outdoor enthusiasts in our list for reasons that will become readily apparent. The more adventurous outdoor enthusiasts out there often find themselves heading away from well-marked trails to explore parts unknown. Whether the exploration happens on foot, on a bike, or on skis, one of the key pieces of equipment most outdoor enthusiasts take with them is a quality map. Guidebooks and maps printed on our waterproof paper will be hardy enough to handle the elements and hazards of exploration and be there when it is time to head back home.

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