Perhaps you are the adventure seeker type: You’ve climbed 14-ers, you do all the outdoor sports possible and you’re looking for a new adventure. Or, perhaps, you are an athlete and want to test your limits and take your goals to new heights. Or you are a thrill seeker looking for the next adrenaline rush. Whatever your poison, your next adventure could be a trek in South America! Sound interesting? Read on!

El Perito Moreno Glacier

El Perito Moreno Glacier is located near the town of El Calafate in Argentina and is part of the Los Glaciares National Park. This glacier is unique in several ways: it is one of the most accessible glaciers, and one of the largest glaciers in the world: Unlike many glaciers, it continues to grow in size instead of shrink, and it contains around a third of the earth’s freshwater supply. Because the glacier is constantly growing, this glacier’s other-worldly landscape is always changing.

What Will You Experience

Most treks available are day hikes across the glacier. Though this glacier is popular, treks are spaced out enough so you feel like you and your trek-mates are the only ones enjoying the beautify of the glacier. Also, the glacier is always changing, which also allows you to enjoy solitude.

When you trek this glacier, you will get to experience snow caves, and various kinds of incredible ice formations up close. Your guide will ensure not only your safety, keeping you away from dangerous traverses and thin spots in the glacier, but will also tell you more about the glacier and it’s history as you hike.


So how do you prepare for a glacier trek? First, you will need to find a daypack that fits your body, and can carry the necessary items for a day hike. You will also need to invest in winter weather and waterproof gear that will keep you warm and dry the whole day: A coat, waterproof boots, thick boot socks, snow pants, a warm windproof jacket are the very basics that you will need. Before you go be sure to consult with your guide who will may provide you with crampons, ice axes, and other needed gear.

Make a Trip of It

Though the hike through the glacier is only a day hike, you can enjoy Argentino Lake below, and the Laguna Nimez Reserve, where you will see flamingos, black-necked swans and other large birds and wildlife. The town of El Calafate also has much to offer, depending on what you are looking for: restaurants, shops, and the El Calafate Historical Interpretation Center which tells more about the area. If you are looking for more outdoor adventure, enjoy hiking and horseback rides!

And before you leave be sure to make a sign to help you document your trek across from one of the world’s most famous glaciers! Be sure to print your important documents on TerraSlate waterproof paper to ensure that you have what you need the entire trip without fail!

Want to learn more about the options available for you in South America? Read our last blog about a 20 mile trek to Machu Picchu, and stay tuned!

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