Your Winter Pack: What You Need - Part 2

In our last blog, we began discussing what to have in your winter pack to combat the elements and stay alive if you get stranded. We talked about the Rule of Threes: It takes three hours to die from hypothermia, three days to die from dehydration, and three weeks to die from starvation. Last week, we talked about how to avoid hypothermia, and this week we’re talking about hydration!

To Combat Dehydration

Hydration Pack

Water is crucial for staying well, functional, and ultimately having an enjoyable time outdoors. Always plan to bring more water than you need. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have a hydration pack. Hydration packs allow you to not only more effectively carry a substantial amount of water, but also drink more water as you snowshoe or hike and to have your hands free for using your snowshoe poles or catching yourself.

Extra tip: Buy an insulating cover for your hydration pack to prevent it from freezing.

Drink Water, Then Drink Some More

Staying hydrated when in the outdoors is key, primarily to avoid high-altitude sickness, which will make your trip less enjoyable and can become incredibly serious. Because of the drier conditions, physical activity, and the greater effort needed for basic bodily functions at a higher altitude, you must drink more water than you normally do. If you start feeling nauseous, or headachy, drink water!

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