Advertise Better With Waterproof Paper Stickers

Advertise Better With Waterproof Paper StickersSometimes, getting the word out about your business feels impossible — particularly with the additional challenge of digital marketing. Yes, having a solid website matters, and paid advertising can make a difference, but sometimes small measures can have a big impact. The sticker continues to be an excellent way to advertise, and one that is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Now, TerraSlate has taken the promotional sticker a step further by offering our specialized waterproof paper with adhesive backing. That’s right, now you can get the word out there about your product or business by printing your own rip-proof, fade-resistant, and liquid-repelling stickers. Are you looking for a way to boost your business’s advertising? Start with these tips:

Build Brand Awareness

One of the hardest parts of any marketing campaign is to first create a brand for yourself, then get that brand out there for the rest of the world to see. After all, you are not likely to have much business if no one knows your business exists or what service/goods you offer. Promotional stickers are a great way to build brand awareness. Think about big-name companies like Apple giving away apple-shaped stickers with each iPod and Mac computer. It may seem like an innocuous little sticker, but it was a great way to build awareness for a brand that, at one point, was losing the techie battle to Windows-based computers. Choose something definitive to stand for your business as a whole and work it into your marketing plan. Whether you give them away or sell them, stickers with information about your business are a great, simple way to build awareness for your brand and your company.

Generate Interest

Cars, water bottles, laptops, phones — people like to customize their things to make them feel more like an expression of personality. Now think about those apple-shaped stickers we mentioned earlier. How frequently have you seen a line of them decorating the back window of a car or stuck to a water bottle? Even people who do not own a single Apple product have some level of awareness about the brand, and part of that is simply seeing those simple apple stickers around so often.

Promotional stickers can do the same thing for your business — though it may take some time to build up to Apple-level awareness. Promotional stickers are a great way to generate interest. What Apple, in particular, did that was so smart was they did not include the company name or information on their stickers. This worked well as a way to get anyone out of the loop to ask questions and engage with another person about the brand. Now, you may or may not want to follow suit in regard to having contact information on the stickers, but either way, promotional stickers are a good way to get people to take notice and start asking for more information about your business. Over time, it can be a good way to create buzz and guide new customers your way. Want to harness the power of word-of-mouth? Start small but visible.

Give A Gift

Is there anyone out there who does not love a freebie? Even something as small as a sticker is enough to have customers feeling touched by your level of consideration. This can go a long way towards building a positive rapport with customers and earning repeat business. Of course, the type of free gift you give will absolutely make a difference. Which do you suppose has more power: a pen or a sticker? In terms of flat cost, stickers are going to be less expensive. But in terms of value, a sticker is vastly more valuable than a pen. After all, a pen will get lost at the bottom of a bag or left at a checkout counter. A sticker is a bit more permanent.

Advertise Well

Of course, if you plan to use stickers to build your brand, generate interest, and create customer rapport, it is important to do so the right way. Choose sticker options that you know will be true-to-life color and print clearly. A poorly made sticker is not going to end up stuck somewhere visible, it will end up in the trash. TerraSlate is here to put the power in your hands. Our sticker sheets can be printed just as easily as our waterproof paper, and it is just as durable. Shop online to experience the difference for yourself!

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