Benefits of Waterproof Paper

Benefits of Waterproof Paper

Waterproof paper or more specifically waterproof printer paper have numerous benefits in respect to durability, cost, and overall quality.  The amount of time you save using TerraSlate’s waterproof paper products feels like a lifetime in comparison to laminating normal sheets of paper.  You can print on both sides, add full color, and sleep comfortably at night knowing that there are no trees cut down in the process of making TerraSlate.  Here's to being “green!”  

TerraSlate's “plastic” paper, can be utilized nationwide, in every business, but sometimes “seeing is believing" so we created a short video.  While the video below specifically shows a menu, the concept is the same: durable, waterproof, and long-lasting.  If TerraSlate can withstand the heat, water pressure and chemicals in a commercial dishwasher, you can bet it will stand up to your needs as well.

Take a moment below to view our incredible demonstration video, by TerraSlate’s CEO and Owner, Kyle Ewing.  Enjoy!

The Battle of The Century

Full Audio Script:

Hi folks, Kyle Ewing with TerraSlate waterproof menus.  I'm here with Todd from Mountain State Chemical, and he has an industrial, excuse me I should say commercial dishwasher.  

So what we are gonna do is take two TerraSlate menus. Regular 10 mil, like we print every day.  We are going to put them in the dishwasher, and see how durable they are. So there's one, and there's two, nothing special.

Let's see how they did.  Now I'm still soaking, but 100% waterproof and 100% tear-proof.

Waterproof Paper & Menus: In all of their glory

While this video may have the "wow" factor, take a second to think about the overall point of view: savings.  Not only will this product stand up to all weather conditions, and clearly a commercial dishwasher, but over time the value is in the cost.  Thinking about making the switch?  Try a FREE waterproof paper sample pack now!