Best Unexpected Uses for Waterproof Paper

Best Unexpected Uses for Waterproof Paper

Sure, we can talk until the cows come home about the myriad uses for waterproof printer paper for heavy wear items like restaurant menus. After all, our primary goal at TerraSlate is to help businesses cut operating costs by reducing the amount spent on production and replacement of paper goods that get destroyed easily. This can include everything from menus and maps to architectural plans and marketing information. However, our waterproof printer paper is good for so much more. In fact, the limitations depend primarily on printer capabilities and creative thinking; generally speaking, if your project involves paper, it can probably be done with our waterproof paper—of course, we might not suggest paper mache, but the idea remains the same. Here are a few of the best unique uses the TerraSlate team has seen from our waterproof paper.

Digital Art

As digital drawing and image editing software advances, the digital art world is growing by leaps and bounds. No longer is digital art relegated to the old Microsoft Paint program through which young children used to learn computer skills while playing. Now, digital art creation is a respected medium in its own right, in terms of marketing as well as fine art. Art is one of the best industries to invest in waterproof paper because of the durability offered. Whether you work in physical products and create digital prints, you create everything digitally, or you are a photographer, our waterproof paper can help you turn your passion into a business. Stand out from other artists by offering poster-sized prints of your work on waterproof paper. Because our paper is made to endure a great deal of stress and moisture, you can transport your work without worrying about damage—no more juggling umbrellas, bins, and bags trying to protect your goods. In addition, customers will appreciate the quality of your prints for the same reason.

Sporting Event Posters

Whether you are attending Junior’s first pee-wee football game or heading to a professional-level game, signs and posters are one of the hallmarks of sporting events of all types. A homemade poster is an excellent way to bring team spirit to whichever team or player you are rooting for. Unfortunately, weather can often put a damper on those exuberant signs. With waterproof printer paper from TerraSlate, you can easily design a poster on your computer and know that your sign will last long after the signs around you have disintegrated from the rain. And, if worse comes to worst, you can use your waterproof poster in place of a forgotten umbrella, if necessary.

Teaching Resources

One of the most common refrains heard time and time again in our country is that teaching is a vocation, not a job. Given how frequently low pay and a lack of resources hinder our educators, that certainly seems to hold true. Whether you are a teacher or you wish to help out someone who is, one of the best ways to reduce cost for all those extraneous printed materials. No matter what age level, teachers hand out an abundance of worksheets and printed resources to aid their students. Some materials, like that Shakespeare sonnet, will remain the same year after year. For these things, waterproof paper is an excellent solution. Our waterproof printer paper can be used easily in nearly any printer or copy machine, so materials can be customized as much as necessary. In addition, our paper is designed to do more than resist damage from water; it is extremely durable, so you can trust that materials printed on our waterproof paper will last through years of student wear and tear.


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Why Our Waterproof Paper Stands Out

TerraSlate waterproof printer paper is a standout product because we have achieved what our competitors could not. In order to keep your printed products protected, there is no need for laminating machines and extra components. Nor do we require you use special in-house printing processes in order to get waterproofed paper products. TerraSlate paper is designed to save you both time and expense because our paper does not call for any additional steps. Simply pick your paper color and size, and you can get printing. Though, of course, if you’re looking for a few hundred art prints or other projects, we do offer printing services. You can learn more about how our waterproof paper works here and shop online to get started!

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