Waterproof Paper: Our Top 5 Business Solutions

Waterproof Paper: Our Top 5 Business Solutions

Waterproof paper, in concept, probably sounds like a stellar idea. After all, from a purely fascinating technological advancement standpoint, how awesome would it be to take pen to paper while studying coral habitats dozens (or hundreds) of feet underwater? While we cannot promise your pen will work with that much surrounding moisture, the idea behind TerraSlate’s waterproof printer paper is that, once you’ve printed whatever information you choose on our paper, you could take it under the sea with you and the design would steadfastly remain. Of course, most business is conducted above water—at least, for those of us not in oceanic research—so our waterproof paper is designed for more than just oceanic purposes. While not every industry has a demand for waterproof paper, it could ease the way for several, the most predominant of which include:


Despite initial appearances, restaurants are one of the most moist subsets of businesses around. Stop to think for a moment about the standard restaurant process. In nearly every sit-down establishment, as soon as a guest is seated, fresh glasses of water are brought for the table. Soda, iced tea, and adult beverages are often added to the mix shortly thereafter. Without even adding in the sauces and soups that come along during the course of the meal, that table is already incredibly wet. Paper menus can quickly become warped from damp fingers, and an accidental spill can destroy a stack of menus in seconds. Waterproof printer paper is a great option for restaurants that change the menu frequently, as it affords the opportunity to re-print frequently without waiting for a printing or lamination service.

Construction and Architectural Documents

Construction has a nationwide reputation for constantly falling behind schedule. In fact, so many companies now will allow for extra time during the planning process because a tardy construction schedule is more or less a sure thing. While we lack the ability to change the weather, our waterproof paper can certainly help minimize slowdowns. When sheet after sheet of architectural plans are brought out to a messy, muddy construction site, the potential for ruin is pretty high. When plans are printed out on waterproof paper, it will not matter if your team dumps a bulldozer full of mud onto the plans—after you dig them out, they will still be intact and undistorted. Keep signage up to date and plans easily legible on site with waterproof paper.


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Outdoor Research

Whether your research occurs under the sea, as in our theoretical example above, or in marshlands, swamps, forests, or mountains, moisture can be a major concern for research documentation. Research projects are only as successful as the data collected, but organization matters nearly as much as the actual collection component. Whether your team will be wading through hip-deep water or your research area experiences rain showers every afternoon, waterproof paper is an excellent option for ensuring the data recorded does not get blurred beyond recognition by the elements. Either use our paper blank, as it has been proven to be one of the most durable paper products available, or print out tables to keep data collection neatly organized.

Military Manuals & More

As with researchers, we understand that a great deal of military activity happens where the need is, not necessarily in neat, temperature-controlled office buildings. Ensure the necessary information gets to those who need it most—and make sure it is still easily legible when it arrives. Whether your organization needs field maps or operations manuals, our waterproof paper options can endure the punches being thrown by nearly anything in nature, and a great deal of other causes that would generally leave paper a sodden mess.

TerraSlate Waterproof Paper

At TerraSlate, our waterproof paper is designed to stay colorfast through snow and swamp alike. In fact, we have even sent our waterproof paper through an industrial dishwasher to see just how much of a beating it can take. As it turns out, even a blasting from high-pressure water streams will not blur the ink or damage the paper. If soggy paper products are an issue in your industry, see what else TerraSlate waterproof printer paper and printing services can do for you. Learn more about our paper and shop our options online today!

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