Creating Reusable Materials: Waterproof Paper in The Classroom

Creating Reusable Materials: Waterproof Paper in The ClassroomIt is common knowledge that public school teachers across the nation are under-funded and under-supplied. It can be difficult to plan lessons or activities when you do not know whether there will be enough glue to go around, or if each student will have the materials they started the year with — if they even had a full set of requested materials to begin with. We know that one of the more prevalent solutions to help your classroom materials go further is to laminate everything you can. Instead, TerraSlate has a better option. Ditch the plastic lamination sleeves and try waterproof paper instead. Here are a few ways our specialized waterproof printer paper can be incorporated easily into the classroom and save you money:

Lasting Learning Activities

Especially at the elementary school level, a lot of lessons require repetition to hammer home. Instead of printing off stacks and stacks of the same worksheet, print one or two copies per student. TerraSlate waterproof paper can be used with just about any standard printer, and even better, it works well with Pilot Frixion pens when you want to write and erase easily.

Help your students practice their multiplication tables, draw shapes, learn geography, and even try their hand at the dying art that is cursive script. Anything you can print on regular paper can be printed just as clearly with our waterproof printer paper. And, with a handful of Pilot Frixion pens and a damp paper towel, your students can use the same single sheet over and over instead of going through dozens.

You can even print templates on TerraSlate with a laser printer or copy machine and then use and re-use the sheets again and again with Pilot Frixion pens.

Classroom Posters

What is a classroom without fun but informative posters around the room? Laminating is a great way to create your own posters, personalized for your lessons. However, the common complaint time and again is the bubbling and awful glare that can inhibit how easy they are to read. Our waterproof paper is, as you imagine, impervious to water and other liquids. It is also rip-proof and fade-resistant, so you can print off any posters or classroom decor and trust that they will last for years to come. That is a lot better than the year or two laminated posters will last before getting creased, bubbling, or fading under the fluorescent glow of your classroom lights.

Special Needs Classroom Materials

Durable reusable materials are important for classrooms supporting students with special needs. This is particularly true for students who have motor control or other developmental disabilities. Laminating materials is a good way to reduce the number of resources you need to print off for your students, but those plastic pockets are rarely able to hold up against rough handling. Lamination inevitably creases and bubbles when it is bent or twisted — and if you do not allow enough of a margin around the paper, it can easily split along the seams. TerraSlate waterproof paper can be printed on just like regular printer paper, but it is tough enough to stand up to the twisting, folding, and even chewing without falling apart. Watch a sheet of our water proof paper go through an industrial dishwasher and come out pristine!

Outdoor Lessons

Hands-on lessons are a great way to not only learn, but to encourage curiosity about the way the world works. But taking a crew of curious young learners outdoors can lead to any number of different accidents that destroy the learning worksheets your students are supposed to be filling out. If you plan to head outside with your class, give them the necessary materials printed on waterproof paper so you can trust that the information will survive juice spills, puddles, and other accidental moisture while on your outdoor adventures.

Saving Money Through Reusable Materials

We know how many teachers out there turn to lamination as a way to save money and create reusable resources for the classroom. But there are flaws inherent to the lamination process that still waste more resources than you can often spare. Laminated classroom materials mean you have to fight against bubbling, fading, and reprinting things when the lamination splits. TerraSlate waterproof paper lasts longer and looks better than lamination, and can help you save! Check out our online resources to learn more about how our waterproof paper works, explore other uses, and choose the options that best fit your needs.
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