Water Resistant Vs. Waterproof Paper

We at TerraSlate often get asked if our paper is “water resistant” and our answer is no. Our paper is waterproof. Though we understand how easy it is to confuse the two, it is important to know the difference between those paper products that are resistant to water, and those that are 100 percent waterproof. All of the paper and products we offer are 100 percent waterproof.  We didn't simply elect waterproof paper over water resistant paper, we chose to. Why? Simply due to the quality between the two. However, before we dive too deep, let us discuss what water resistant paper truly is.

It’s Not Waterproof

When we talk about waterproof paper, we are talking about paper that can be submerged, and used in aquatic environments. Another astounding fact, waterproof paper can actually survive a trip in the dishwasher. Yes, we said it, a dishwasher.  Are you in disbelief? Take a look at our waterproof paper demonstration video, by Kyle Ewing. Water resistant paper should not, however, be submerged in water, and would not fare well through the heat and cleaning elements of the dishwasher. Typical water resistant paper companies would tremble at the task. Water resistant paper is meant to survive with minimal water contact. This water is resistant because of a film or skin that covers the paper, essentially it is laminated paper.

Resistant Only “Skin Deep”

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, the properties of the water resistant paper are only skin deep.  Also noted, a film is what gives this type of paper its resistant qualities, and once the film is disturbed or removed, your paper is susceptible to the effects of water. Depending on the product, the “waterproofing” skin can be damaged by being written on, or scraped when wet. Our waterproof paper, however, is waterproof throughout. If cut, the pieces of our paper remain waterproof, and that is if it is cut or torn. TerraSlate’s waterproof paper is extremely resistant to tearing, and dependent on the weight you choose, nearly impossible to dismantle.  Want to test your "water resistant" paper?  Cut it and see how it holds up.

Why Settle?

We understand the thought behind choosing water resistant paper over its supposed slightly expensive counterpart: waterproof paper. However, if you are looking for paper which will withstand wet conditions, why settle for water resistant paper? Waterproof paper, and particularly TerraSlate waterproof paper, can be relied on in the most hostile conditions, and can be made in a fraction of the time.  The difference is the amoutn of time it takes to manufacture laminated paper, and the cost effectiveness. This reason, and many others, is why so many consumers are choosing TerraSlate.  TerraSlate is a quality investment that can be relied on for years to come.

More Reasons Not to Settle

If that is not enough to convince you to choose TerraSlate, then here are a few other benefits you receive when you work with our established firm.

Does What It Claims

As mentioned, our waterproof paper really is waterproof through and through and made from the highest quality materials. Our paper can be used in the ocean, the wettest outdoor working conditions, the heaviest rainstorm, the muddiest game, and the craziest bar.  Even during your messiest happy hour or drinking holiday.

Quality above all

It’s easy to assume waterproofing will supersede quality, but that is not the way with TerraSlate. We not only offer the highest quality waterproof paper, but we offer our products with: crisp printing, vibrant colors, and several finish options. Our waterproof paper is comparable to that which you would expect from the most expensive printers. Even better, we offer our product it at a fraction of the cost.

No Hassle

Those of us at TerraSlate understand you are busy, and looking for the best and easiest investment. Working with us is easy.  There are no deceptive hidden fees and extra charges. Simply request samples of our work, and send us your unique design. We send you your proof promptly, and once you approve it, you are sent your products within two business days.

If you are still curious about the differences between laminated paper, and our waterproof paper, visit our https://TerraSlatePaper.com/ 

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