5 Reasons to Choose Terra Slate


The great thing about living in this day and age is the internet. The internet, as we all know, gives many advantages and conveniences which make our daily lives easier.  Furthermore, the internet plays a pivotal role in running a business, and helps make them more successful. Not only can you get your product in front a multitude of potential customers, but you, as a business owner have the opportunity to find the products which will best help you run your business.  A major issue the internet provides are the plethora of options to in respect to a specific search.  One simply does not know which to choose. Therefore, sometimes you have to research many different companies, and many different products before making a decision. 

If you are looking for durable products you can count on, you simply can not invest your budget in just any product. When we are speaking to overhead, every single dollar counts. Today, we are going to share with you why TerraSlate is the top choice by our many users looking for paper services. Not only due to the fact TerraSlate paper it is the most durable paper on the planet, but due to the easy purchase, and quick shipment of our product. Learn more below why so many are choosing us.

It Really Is Waterproof

Our waterproof paper actually is waterproof, through and through. It is not coated with a protective film or made in such a way, that if cut, the product is no longer waterproof.  Our paper is not just water resistant, but 100 percent waterproof. Our paper is extremely durable and can be used for a variety of uses including: waterproof menus, waterproof signs, waterproof playbooks, waterproof charts, and more!


Not only is our waterproof paper 100 percent waterproof, but the products that we can print for you are of the highest quality. It is easy to assume if you need an item, document or piece of paper to be waterproof, you may need to sacrifice some design styles.  Fear not. Our waterproof paper will hold strong with your: color vibrancy, tinting, and the specific rigidity of your preferred font. We can not directly speak to our competitors, but when purchasing your waterproof paper products from TerraSlate , you will never lose quality. You get high-quality printing on high quality paper.

No Hassle

Often when outsourcing is needed, we hear that businesses are nervous about partnering with other businesses.  As a start-up business ourselves, we completely empathize. You are in essence becoming business partners with the outsource, and putting a lot in their hands—your budget and businesses success.  Essentially, there is a major trust factor. We, at TerraSlate, understand this predicament, and want to make your printing process as easy as possible. Before you fully commit to a partnership, you may request samples to analyze the quality of our product.  We typically find, the best judge of quality, are our partners and customers.  The process is pretty simple: send in your design, we print a proof, send you the proof, and after your approval, print your products. There are no extra hidden fees, and the process is easy! We value your time, and we strive to build trust.

Quick Turnaround

How long it takes to receive your waterproof paper from TerraSlate is dependent on how long the proofing process takes.  What is in the proof?  The back and forth between a beginning rough draft, and a completed product. After the proofing process, you should receive your products within two business days. This quick turnaround is due to the quality of our product, and the minimal amount of time it takes to produce. The average time for production, takes around 50 minutes.  If you compare that with the 45 hours it takes to manufacture laminated paper, we save you time and money.  This is extremely evident when you break it down visually. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.  The proof is in the pudding!

Everyone Else Is

Why choose TerraSlate? Everyone else is. Our range of clientele is a testament to not only the versatility of our products, but also their quality. The list of our clients include: restaurants, sports teams, mountaineers, paper companies, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our paper is revolutionary in not only it’s durability, quality, and pricing, but also in its versatility and longevity. We offer a variety of options including: custom sized waterproof menus, specialty items, and plain paper that you can use at your business. If your are interested in understanding more about our paper or knowing how we can help your business further accomplish your goals, try TerraSlate paper today!

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