Waterproof Paper: Saving Resources For Park Lands & Preserves

Waterproof Paper: Saving Resources For Park Lands & Preserves

With the recent spree of reduced funding for many of the national parks, or de-funding them entirely, it is pretty safe to say that operating costs are a big concern these days. This generally means funding will need to stretch further, donations will be more vital than ever, and methods to save money can all have a major impact. If you help operate a local, state, or national park, we suggest switching to waterproof paper as a way to save on signage without compromising on safety.

Signs Matter

Whether it’s a map of area trails or a warning about bear sightings, each and every sign that goes up in park lands is important. A clear, easy-to-read sign could mean the difference between hikers choosing a good trail and one that is too technical for their skill level. It could also mean backpackers being prepared for wildlife encounters or visitors keeping an eye out for the washed-out trail. Generally speaking, signs are there to help promote safety — and in no place is that more true than in our natural preserves. Each trail map and warning sign may seem nondescript, but the lack would quickly become apparent.

Specialty Signage

Of course, the signs that get posted outdoors have to be prepared to stand up to a lot of abuse, environmentally speaking. The sun’s rays beating down can make ink fade quickly. Wind, rain, and snow can all cause signs to bend or warp. If you’re relying on lamination to protect your paper from the elements, any warping can lead to water getting in and ruining the legibility of the information therein. More often than not, natural preserves rely on costly custom signs for the more permanent information, like trail maps and rules, but stick to laminated printer paper for temporary information. When the weather takes its toll, that can mean a lot of money spent on information that quickly becomes illegible.

Waterproof Paper

This is where TerraSlate’s waterproof paper comes in. We have created a paper option that is both more durable and more cost-effective than most sign materials available. And, unlike other options like lamination, there are no pre- or post-processing actions needed. Our waterproof paper can easily be printed on with most standard laser printers. The colors don’t bleed, so the clarity and crisp lines of your images are only limited by the digital version of what you’re printing and your printer’s abilities.

Of course, for signs that are supposed to withstand the vagaries of nature, the more important qualities are that our paper is both waterproof and durable. And no, we don’t mean water-resistant paper, we mean waterproof. It will remain intact through a rainstorm or a swim in the ocean. We have even run it through a commercial dishwasher and seen it come out intact, so you can trust that our waterproof paper can handle the snow and rain that a natural preserve may experience. It’s also as durable as it is waterproof. Our paper isn’t paper in the traditional sense, but a specially formulated plastic. This means it can be printed on as if it were normal paper, but it is rip-resistant enough to withstand windy days, tree branches, or small animals attempting to nibble on it — though, we cannot promise it will hold up to a hungry bear.

Making Sign-Making Easier

Our waterproof paper is durable, impervious to moisture, and can be printed with an ordinary home printer. That combination makes it a great option for nature preserves of all types to print necessary signage easily and for minimal cost. And our waterproof paper is available in an array of different colors, sizes, and thicknesses so you can customize your signs as you choose. Do you need to have bright colors, so your signs will be easily visible along a trail? Choose bright yellow or orange for high-visibility that won’t fade. Do you need to print new trail maps to post at trailheads? Choose from a variety of pre-cut sizes or contact our team to discuss custom sizing. We even break it down for you, so you can see how much you save when you switch away from pouch lamination.

Save money on signage so you can put those funds toward more important things, namely, preserving those last pieces of all-natural American landscapes. Shop online or contact the TerraSlate team today to get your waterproof paper and get saving!

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