Waterproof Paper: The Answer To Better Business Cards

Waterproof Business Cards: When And Why You Need Them

Have you ever met with a client or employee who claimed they failed to get in touch because business card was destroyed beyond legibility? That sounds an awful lot like the old “dog ate my homework” excuse to us! At the same time, there is a grain of truth to be found. Standard cardstock business cards do run the risk of being crumpled, worn, or stained to the point that the information can no longer be read. Whether you’re trying to connect with potential clients or give someone your business, those connections won’t be made if the other party has no way to reach you. So what is the solution?

Waterproof Business Cards — Not Just For SCUBA Divers

There are two big reasons that business cards are rendered useless: they are either lost or worn down to the point that contact information is no longer legible. In the case of the former, there isn’t much to be done other than ensuring your business card is catchy enough to be worth holding onto — and that the recipient is decently organized. In terms of the latter, durability is the name of the game. That means opting for something better than the standard, flimsy cardstock that most business cards are made from. Our suggestion, as you may have guessed, is switching to waterproof business cards.

You don’t need to work in a water-related industry for waterproof business cards to make sense. We suggest this because the biggest factor in how long a business card will last is the material they are made from. If you work as an environmental researcher or a ski instructor and you spend most of your time outdoors, it’s pretty easy to see how waterproof business cards could be a boon. But even if you spend every day in an office, choosing waterproof business cards just make better sense. Here’s why:

More Durable Business Card Options

Fancy inks and water-resistant coatings are a good start toward keeping your contact information legible longer. After all, they make it harder for the pressure and friction in a purse, briefcase, or desk drawer to wear away your important information. The problem with choosing the upgraded ink or adding on an extra coating is that you’re incurring additional expense without a solid return on investment. Inks and coatings don’t typically soak all the way through the card; they’re a superficial application only. This means that any sort of friction, even something mild but repetitive like resting against a stack of business cards in a stack can cause the ink or protective coating to wear away.

The other potential issue with the superficial nature of specialty inks and coatings is that the sides of the cards are still unprotected. It might be a very slim little border, but that’s still plenty of space for spilled liquids to seep in and wreck the card from the inside out. A water-resistant coating or an extra-strong ink can’t do its job when moisture comes from underneath those materials. The answer is to start with a better base material for business cards to stave off the damage.

TerraSlate Waterproof Paper Business Cards

Having business cards printed on waterproof paper can be more than a durability measure, it can also help you save money! Yes, we know, at first glance that seems backwards. Think of it in terms of longevity, not just quantity. If your business cards are more durable, you won’t have to pass along a second, third, fourth, or sixteenth card to that person who keeps "losing" your card but needs your contact information. The other big money saver is that you won’t have to have your business cards reprinted as often. If they can’t be damaged simply by hanging out in your desk drawer, you can actually hand out every card from an order rather than throwing half of them away when they get ratty.

Here at TerraSlate, our waterproof paper is a perfect option for waterproof business cards for a number of money-saving reasons. The benefits of our waterproof paper include:

  • Liquid-proof — Not only are our products waterproof, but they also repel grease and most chemicals and solvents.
  • Rip-proof — It takes a lot more intention to wreck a business card when it can’t be ripped! Our waterproof paper can be cut with things like scissors or a craft cutter, but it’s otherwise entirely rip-proof.
  • Wrinkle-resistant — In that vein, how often have you been unable to give away a business card because it got crinkled? Our waterproof paper bends and flexes, but won’t crumple under pressure like normal paper does.
  • Colorfast — Our waterproof paper is colorfast, fade-resistant, and prints in high detail. The only restrictions are your content and the printer used.
  • Easy-to-print — Print on our waterproof paper with a standard, at-home laser printer. It’s also compatible with copy machines, digital presses, and ballpoint pens.

Our goal is to provide waterproof paper that is easy to use — just like a standard sheet of printer paper — but comes with the waterproof, rip-proof, fade-proof benefits our clients need.

Printing Waterproof Business Cards

We’ve talked about using our waterproof paper to print business cards, but who wants to take the time to individually cut out 500 business cards? You can order a ream of TerraSlate waterproof paper in the appropriate weight and take it to a local printer service to have your cards printed and cut, if you want a more hands-on approach. We offer several paper colors and weights for endless business card customizations. For a professional look and feel, we recommend the 10 mil or 14 mil paper weight.

We also know there are plenty of you who want to simply submit a design and receive a box of high-quality business cards. We print and cut business cards made with our waterproof paper! Upload front and back artwork, select the quantity, and paper weight and we’ll handle the rest. Want your cards to be customized even more? Contact our team for design help and more!

See how waterproof business cards change your experience. Shop TerraSlate online today!


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