Waterproof Prints & Photographs: Why You Should Go Waterproof

Waterproof Prints & Photographs: Why You Should Go Waterproof

Starving artists are starving no longer! WIth the improvements in software programs, it is becoming easier and easier to create amazing, high-quality works on a computer. And, thanks to sites like Etsy and other sites, it can be easier to share your work with people around the globe, and to actually earn a living through your creations. Of course, that does not mean the process is an easy one, but it is far more feasible than in years past to make a living by creating beautiful, evocative, and otherwise emotionally-charged creations. For those of you out there looking to make your way in the world with your creative abilities and artistic training, take it a step further with TerraSlate waterproof paper.

What It Is

Our waterproof paper is exactly what it says on the tin: paper that is waterproof. And no, we do not make water-resistant paper, ours is properly waterproof. Take a piece with you to the local pool next time, if you don’t believe us, and experience just how waterproof our paper really is. The waterproof quality comes because our paper isn’t made the way paper traditionally is; it’s a plastic specially designed to work like normal paper, but better. It can be printed on with most standard laser printers or written on with a ballpoint pen, and will hold tight to the designs or words you add to it — no extra processes needed, and no bleeding or blurring of the ink. It is also incredibly durable, to the point that we have run our waterproof paper through an industrial dishwasher and seen it come out just as pristine as it was before the wash cycle. Because it is so durable as well as waterproof, our specialized paper is a great option to use when creating prints or printing photographs.

Provide Better Value

There are myriad artists trying to sell their wares online. Using waterproof paper to print your art is a great way to stand out in the crowd and to provide your customers with better value. One of the biggest struggles with selling photography and prints in particular is how to ensure your pieces arrive at their destination without being damaged or destroyed while in transit. The question is, typically, flat or rolled? If you send your art rolled up in a mailing tube, it’s more likely to arrive intact, but it’s also going to arrive curled in on itself like a snail shell. If your customer has to take time to figure out how to flatten it without damaging it, they are less likely to be pleased with your service. On the other hand, you can send your piece flat in a padded envelope, but it is more likely to get bent, dented, or creased by heavier packages, meaning it will arrive in less-than-pristine condition.

No matter how you ship it, the mail system can wreak havoc for those trying to sell prints or photographs. TerraSlate waterproof paper rolls and bends without creasing or showing signs of wear, so it’s a great way to get around those mailing concerns and provide better value to your customers. Not only will your art ship in better condition, it will withstand other potentially-damaging effects once it arrives to your customers, as well.

Preserve Your Art

The other key reason we suggest using waterproof paper to print your art? Well, this may be a matter of pride more than anything, but it will help your art endure. The standard art print or photograph, even when printed on thick, high-quality paper, is still subject to damage from moisture. Even behind a frame, humidity in the air or accidental water damage can ruin your work. With waterproof paper, however, moisture damage is no longer a concern. Whether it’s to preserve your photographs as memories for years to come or you’re looking to provide a lasting work to your customers, waterproof paper is designed to endure.

Of course, we do not want to limit your creative genius, so our waterproof paper comes in a wide variety of different sizes, colors, and weights. Explore our online store to choose the right options for your art, or contact the TerraSlate team to discuss particular customizations you are interested in. Get started and preserve your art with TerraSlate waterproof paper!

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