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Signs It’s Time To Update Your Business Logo

Logo Design

It’s every business’s dream to one day have a logo that is as instantly recognizable as, say, the ubiquitous golden arches or the well-known silhouette of an apple. A logo that can be recognized that quickly — and by such a widespread portion of the population — not only means amazing branding reach, but it also belies the impressive level of branding continuity that a company has managed to build. A logo may seem simple enough, but it is the visual “spokesperson” for the brand as a whole. It carries a great deal of weight when it comes to sharing a company’s message with the world.

Now, if your logo doesn’t carry that same amount of clout, it’s simple enough to understand that you don’t have the million-dollar marketing budget that those big-name companies do — and that’s okay! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean sticking with the same old logo you’ve been using for ages. It may be time for a logo revamping. Consider these signs:

Your Logo Isn’t Social-Media Savvy

In our digitally focused age, every business needs branding that works online with as much impact as it has on paper — if not more. If your logo looked good when featured in the Yellow Pages, that’s a good start. But now, business logos need to work in smaller and smaller iterations. Your logo should be easily legible when used in the banner position along the top of a website, but it has to get small enough to work as an icon on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Now, look at the tabs along the top of the screen in your Internet browser. Do you have a simplified logo that works as a favicon (the small icon on each tab)?

It may be time to update your logo if it is too complex to use online. More consumers than ever before are turning toward online searches to find services and goods, and if your logo doesn’t work on the popular online sites, it’s not going to be able to share your brand story effectively. It may be time to do some logo work and create a responsive logo that will work even when it has to shrink down to half an inch in size.

Your Logo Looks Like It’s From The 80s

Anyone who has been in business for more than a couple years likely understands that visual/graphic trends evolve over time. What looked high-tech in 1983 isn’t going to continue looking modern and relevant today. In fact, a logo that looks dated can tell consumers that the owners don’t care very much about the business. Fortunately, in many cases, businesses that have been operating with the same logo for a long time can get away with smaller tweaks — things like adjusting the colors, changing the font, or streamlining some of the details — without doing a total logo overhaul. For newer, less-established businesses, updating your logo can go a long way toward presenting a fresh, updated brand story that makes your business appear more relevant.

It may be time to update your logo if it looks like it was created in another decade — and yes, even a retro-inspired logo should still look updated enough to work for the modern business. Give your business a new lease on life by bringing it into the 21st Century. An updated logo will tell consumers that you still care about providing great service and quality goods.

Your Business Model Is Changing

The main point of a logo is to quickly convey the brand story for your business, no matter which medium it is used on. For every business, one of the keys to success is that it evolves over time in order to keep with consumer demand. As your business evolves, your logo will need adjustments to keep up with those changes. Updating your logo will also serve as a clear indicator of those changes to your goods or services. As your business changes, it can be beneficial to make adjustments to your logo as a way to signal that things have changed. Especially for businesses that are struggling, an updated logo can be a clear marker to consumers that the business isn’t what it once was.

Making Comprehensive Updates

When it comes to a logo redesign, it can feel like an immense undertaking. After the new logo is approved and ready to go, there will be a long list of updates that need to be made in both the digital and physical realms. Making those updated digitally can be time consuming, but otherwise inexpensive. Updates to physical branding, however, can make the process seem much more daunting.

Don’t let the expense of re-branding scare you away from much-needed logo updates. The TerraSlate suite of waterproof paper products is here to make that transition as easy as possible. From waterproof posters and adhesives to waterproof business cards and other signage, our array of paper goods lets you easily create and print your own materials — no printing company necessary. Better still, our waterproof paper products are all colorfast and rip-proof, giving you the durability and aesthetic control you want for lasting marketing materials. And, if you’re looking to save both time and money, try out our design and printing services to get the array of marketing materials you need to be printed and shipped to you with that awesome new logo you need.

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