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    For the times that you’re in need of durable paper for a chart, graph or an image, the tabloid sized paper by TerraSlate is your best option. Our tear-proof and waterproof printer paper is just as easy to print on as standard paper, the true difference is in our papers ability to withstand the toughest of circumstances. Regardless of where you need this information, be it a military base, deep sea diving or a restaurant with greasy foods, TerraSlate Paper will remain undamaged. Browse our selection of tabloid, or ledger, sized paper. You may also be interested in one of the sample packs that we offer.
    For the times that you’ve got an image that needs even more space, our 12” x 18” paper gets the job done. TerraSlate Paper has made it possible to for you to take all the information that you need, wherever it is you need it. Our tear-proof and waterproof paper can outperform all other forms of paper. Used by all military branches, restaurants with greasy foods, deep sea divers and more, our paper has been across the world, and lived to see it all. Browse our selection of tabloid extra paper and find exactly what you need. You may also be interested in one of our many sample packs.
    If you’re one of the many fields that utilizes legal size paper, then you have an idea of how durable these documents need to be. When you’re working as a lawyer, realtor, or any profession that requires a contract, it goes without saying that having rip-proof and waterproof printer paper is an incredible reassurance to the security of the document. If you want to improve the durability and standard of your documents, TerraSlate Papers 8.5” x 14”, legal sized paper, is sure to get the job done. Browse our selection of legal sized, waterproof paper. You may also be interested in one of our many sample packs.

    coil bound menus

    When you’ve got pages of delicious items on the menu, make it easy for your customers to flip through by binding the pages in one of these durable spiral bound menus. TerraSlate Paper makes it easy to get the most out of your menus by providing you with tear-proof and waterproof paper to print on. If you’re in need of materials that can handle the daily wear and tear of your restaurant, you can count on our sturdy weatherproof paper to do the job.

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    When you have a job that keeps you in fast moving situations, having the materials that can uphold to the circumstance will make all the difference. TerraSlate Paper has created a tear proof and waterproof paper that make it possible to keep records and information, from being affected by water. Perfect for scuba diving instructors, field training officers and the like, our filler paper is great to have on hand for any situation that arises. Stock up on your filler paper and be prepared for any circumstances that arise.
    Not sure that TerraSlate can stand up to the challenge of your restaurant? Give our menu paper a shot when you try our sample pack. Our rip-proof and waterproof paper is easy to use, and more affordable and effective than laminating. If you’re ready to step up to the next level of menu durability, it’s time you try our samples out.
    Confidence is a must when delivering a presentation, but it’s difficult to feel entirely confident when you’re relying on paper that is far from durable. Ensure that your presentation is safe from liquids and tears when you print it on TerraSlate waterproof paper. Our rip resistant and waterproof paper is easy to print on, and even easier to rely on.
    Tri-fold menus make it easy to display all of your dishes without spiral bounds or cluttered info. If this is the style of menu that you’ve decided to use for your restaurant, you know that all of the folds make these menus easily destructible, but that doesn’t have to be the case. TerraSlate Paper has created a tear-proof and waterproof menu paper for you to use in your restaurant. When you print your menu on TerraSlate Paper, you can guarantee that it will be durable enough for the daily use in your restaurant.
    In the moment that someone asks for your business card, you don’t want to pull out one that was has been affected by spilled water or torn from sitting in your wallet on a day to day basis. TerraSlate Paper provides you with the materials so that you don’t have to worry about either of these situations, being the case. When you print your contact information on tear proof and waterproof paper, you can count on being ready to hand someone a crisp, clean, durable business card. Set the bar high when it comes to making a first impression for your business.
    Posters are a great way of sharing information, but it’s hard to count on a poster lasting long when they’re printed on flimsy materials. At TerraSlate Paper, we eliminate that concern by offering you the most durable paper on the planet. Our tear proof and waterproof paper makes it easy to share information without having worry about whether or not your flyer will be able to handle it. While our paper is more durable than the standard materials used, it is still as simple to print on. Browse our selection and choose the materials that will be best for your waterproof flyers.
    Having a brand that stands out is one thing, but having the tools to make your brand memorable is another. At TerraSlate Paper, we make materials that are durable enough to handle the dog eat dog world of marketing. Our tear proof and waterproof paper make it so that you don’t have to worry about how long your flyers will last or whether or not your business cards will outlive the wear of your wallet. Browse our wide selection of marketing materials and find the items that you need to get the most out of your marketing campaign.