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Better Materials For Printable Temporary License Plates

Temporary License Plates

Buying a car is typically a thrilling time in most people’s lives, and one of the things that most people still put a lot of effort and research into. Before signing on the dotted line, there’s the question of a brand’s and model’s reliability, gas mileage, safety ratings, or whatever other factors matter most. Then, of course, there’s the question of financing. Some savvy individuals also look into registration requirements to prepare themselves for the fees and hoops they’ll need to jump through to make things legal.

For all of that, most people don’t consider the legal implications of a temporary license plate, at least not the way a dealer or a police officer might. For example, how does a traffic camera track down an individual if the only marker on the back of their vehicle is a generic temporary tag with a date listed? If a crime is perpetuated, vehicles with temporary tags are harder to track down. On an even simpler level than that, most toll roads have switched to a license plate photograph system to charge users. With generic temporary tags, they lose out on those valuable fees that keep their roads in good shape. In order to cut down on those issues, it’s up to each county and state to impose a more specific temp-tag process.  

Improving Temporary License Plate Systems

More and more states are jumping on the bandwagon and changing the requirements for temporary license plates. Now, instead of printing off a sheet with a date that the buyer will inevitably tape up somewhere semi-visible on the rear windshield, more states are requiring unique, identifiable tags and placement on the designated license plate position. The idea is that including vehicle-specific identifiers — in the same way each state does with a license plate number — on temporary tags will make it easier to track down a vehicle in the event of any sort of legal concern.

The other big change taking place is that more states are requiring buyers/dealers to place temporary tags in the same position as a regular license plate. The idea, of course, is that so many systems are set up to target that particular area on all vehicles in order to make it easier to implement tracking for legal or fiscal needs. From running red lights to hit-and-run tracking to collecting tolls, with more systems targeting that same spot on vehicles, the easier it will become to keep people safe — and, more importantly to some, minimize the things that impede the flow of traffic.

The Call For Better Materials

The follow on to these systemic updates is how to put that into action in a practical way. The biggest holdup in most cases is that dealerships and any other group issuing temporary license plates will need a change in materials. In the past, it was easy to provide a temp tag because one could be printed on standard printer paper and taped inside the windshield with very little effort and expense. Stick that same piece of paper on the back of the vehicle, and it is likely to be shredded or dissolved into a soggy mess as soon as the vehicle gets on the road.

The question most dealers face is how to provide the new temporary tags in a form that will hold up through weeks on the road — without a major increase in expense. Just say no to lamination! Instead, turn to a quality waterproof paper in order to comply with new temporary license plate requirements without a major jump in cost.

TerraSlate waterproof paper is the best solution because it gives you the convenience of standard printer paper — in any size or color you want, as well as your choice of weights — while also giving you even better durability than lamination. It works with a standard laser printer or copy machine, is colorfast and rip-proof, and best of all? Our waterproof printer paper costs only a fraction of the cost of lamination. This means you can easily print temporary license plates on demand and trust that they will hold up against the onslaught that comes from hanging on the back of a vehicle.

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