Waterproof Paper: Handy Household Uses To Save You Hassle

Handy Around-the-House Uses For Waterproof Paper

If you have toddlers in the house, you probably understand just how quickly any kind of paper product can get ruined. It’s like an innate talent that every toddler has. One minute, your recipe cards are sitting on a side table, and the next, they’re a sodden, soggy clump of colored paper pulp. But toddlers aren’t the only potential cause for concern when paper products are involved. Moisture abounds in the most unexpected of places sometimes, and can quickly ruin signs, printouts, and other paper products you needed to hold up. Whether you’re looking to keep track of your golf game or find a lost pet, here are some handy around-the-house uses for waterproof paper that can make life a bit less chaotic.

Create Customized Coloring Sheets for Water Coloring

If you find that you go through stack after stack of coloring books thanks to your budding artist, waterproof paper is a great option to help to be more eco-friendly without inhibiting your child’s passion for color. Print out a stack of fun designs on plain sheets of waterproof paper. Then, hand over watercolors, child-safe paints, or washable markers and let your little one go to town. When it’s time to create another masterpiece, clean off the paint or markers and let your child create another masterpiece on the same sheet. TerraSlate waterproof paper works with the standard at-home laser printer and designs are color-fast after printing. That means you can print whatever your child wants to color and the outlines will stay clear and colorable time and time again. You can even print designs on colored sheets to help your little one learn about things like opacity and the basics of color theory. Our waterproof paper is also rip-proof and incredibly durable so it can hold up against little hands that might otherwise rip regular paper as they learn fine motor control skills.

Print Your Own Signs

Signage isn’t just for businesses! Whether you’re looking for a lost pet or you’re advertising for an upcoming yard sale, creating your own signage will play a huge role. As neighborhoods grow, it’s harder to know all of your neighbors, and signs posted around the area will help you spread the word better than a neighborhood phone tree. When you’re looking for a lost pet, start with calls to the local shelters, of course, but posting signs around the area will help you canvas a wider area to get the word out. Likewise, you can garner better attention — and better sales potential — with signs posted nearby advertising your yard sale.

Using waterproof paper for your local signage needs provides a few handy benefits. You can print any design, including photos of a lost pet so that the message will be clearly legible to those passing by. And, unlike poster-board or printer paper, you don’t have to worry about waterproof paper getting wrecked by an unexpected rain storm. Not only is our paper waterproof — not just water resistant — but it is also durable enough to withstand the onslaught from strong winds or a powerful sprinkler stream.

Printing Licenses and Membership IDs

How much hassle is it to go for your fishing license, only to find that it’s been worn to the point that it’s illegible in your wallet? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to print off all of your licenses this way — you’ll have to protect your social security card another way — but you can print a majority of your licenses and membership ID cards on waterproof paper to help them last. With sharp, colorfast printing capabilities and no special post-production finishing needed, you can feel safer about handing the annual pool membership card to your kids. If they drop it in the pool, there’s no reason to worry! This goes for any membership card or licenses you print at home. Or, you can even bring a sheet of waterproof printer paper with you to ask if the permitting office will use that to issue your important documents. With our colorfast, waterproof paper, you don’t have to worry about losing a license or membership card to the fun of summer.

Create Weather-Safe Maps

Are you a big fan of hiking? Or maybe you’re preparing for a multi-state road trip with friends. We know that nowadays most people turn to their smartphone or GPS to map out a route — but if technology fails, it’s a good idea to have a backup. Heading out to the backwoods often means leaving cell phone signal range. Especially if you’re going on a multi-day hike, a printed map of the area and of your planned trail can be invaluable for getting you out and back safely. Similarly, road trips generally mean cell signals that come and go. In the event that disaster strikes and you take a wrong turn, having a physical map can help you figure out where you are when your smartphone is little better than a high-tech brick. Printing maps on TerraSlate waterproof paper means you can create a map specifically for your needs, and you can trust that it’ll survive the vagaries of the outdoors.

Outdoor Activities

Do the summer months find you at your local golf course every weekend? Waterproof paper is a great option to help combat the sweat of outdoor activities like golf, running, and even swimming. You can create your own golf scorecards that won’t be wrecked by sweat, sprinklers, or water hazards so you can better track your score. If you’re helping out with a local 5k or another race, print race bibs on 5 mil waterproof paper so they don’t get destroyed by sweat and friction. You can even use waterproof paper to help keep your kids safe when they head off on summertime adventures. Send them off to summer camp or for a day at the neighborhood pool with your contact information inside their bag. Print off a waterproof paper card with contact information, health issues, allergies, and other important details. While we hope emergencies never happen, small steps can help provide life-saving information.

Outdoor Classes

For anyone taking outdoor classes, waterproof paper is a must-have. Whether it’s a college-level Marine Biology class or a nature exploration class for your elementary schooler, the Great Outdoors can cause a lot of mayhem that may interrupt the learning process. Make it easier to take notes with colorfast waterproof paper. Our waterproof printer paper sloughs off mud, moisture, oil, and a slew of different solvents. Write on it with a pencil or ballpoint pen, and your notes will outlast the chaos nature can throw.

Shower Thoughts

Are you one of those people who frequently gets great ideas in the shower? No matter how great the idea — even if you come up with a solution to end world hunger — most of those great ideas leave your head when you step out of the shower. Thanks to the aimless engagement and gently soothing sounds, the shower is a prime setting for your brain to get to work. But when the water turns off and you step back into real life, all those brilliant shower thoughts tend to disappear. Instead of losing all that insight, hang up a few sheets of waterproof paper where you can easily access it — right inside the shower stall with you! Waterproof paper and a pencil give you plenty of options to jot down those ideas, and you can easily swap a full sheet for a clean one when you fill it up. 

The options and opportunities for waterproof paper are practically endless. Explore the full range of features and benefits, and then shop TerraSlate waterproof paper, posters, adhesives, and so much more online!
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