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Planning Community Events (And Saving Money) With Better Materials

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By this time of year, teachers and students are counting down the days until the end of the school year. Summer is just around the corner, which means time to take a break, refresh the mind, and get outside for plenty of fun in the sun. For a lot of communities, it also means plenty of festivals, community movie nights, and other events meant to fill up all that free time and bring people from across the community together. Of course, a lot of those events are funded by taxpayer dollars in order to keep the cost down for families looking to attend — which means a lot of big plans and a restrictive budget. This summer, consider this versatile alternative material to make your community events a big success without blowing the budget. Here’s how waterproof paper can make a big difference for your summer fun:

Get The Word Out

Gone are the days when everyone knew their neighbors and the best way to pass the word along was to start a local phone tree. Nowadays, many municipalities face the ongoing issue of marketing their local events without a good way to reach the entire community. Posting something on the Town Hall bulletin board isn’t exactly going to cut it. It probably feels like a major print advertising campaign will be necessary to reach everyone, and that’s an awfully cost-prohibitive option.

Get the best of both worlds with TerraSlate waterproof paper products. Our waterproof posters and flyers mean you can easily print off stacks of advertising documents with upcoming events and plaster them around town. Since our products are all waterproof and rip-proof, you don’t have to worry about late spring rains wrecking your hard work. For a good way to save on marketing expenses, print posters with all of the summer’s events. Our waterproof paper products are colorfast and durable enough to stay legible all summer long.

Make Reusable Fun

Community events aren’t restricted to concerts in the park and other passive entertainment. Whether it’s a weekend-long festival or weekly groups for little explorers, there are plenty of events out there designed to get kids of all ages involved and active. Use our waterproof paper to create durable documents to guide kids on an exploration of the local ecosystem. There’s no need to worry about mud or bugs wrecking the documents, thus saving you the expense of printing off stack after stack of guide sheets.

You can also use our waterproof paper, adhesives, posters, and other products to create community-wide scavenger hunts, raffles, and other games to get kids and families involved. Create reusable sheets in which local businesses mark off a task using stickers, and then easily peel off the stickers and reuse the cards as often as you choose. You can even use our waterproof paper to print off posters and make your own games for a local festival. Create durable targets for a balloon toss or whatever else will stir up fun.

Mark Directions Clearly

When you’re closing off multiple city streets for a weekend-long festival, it throws off the usual routine that locals expect. From something as simple as a town-wide pancake breakfast to the county fair, one of the biggest expenses is creating directions and other signage that will last out in the elements. This is especially important when you need to create warnings and directions for everyone’s health and safety, but signage is just as valuable for providing guidance without needing tons of staff to work an event. Use our waterproof posters to create entry rules, parking directions, and so on. Since our waterproof paper products are all rip-proof, you can trust it will hold up against things like buffeting wind and rain with no problem.

Better still, we offer our waterproof paper products in a range of different colors and weights. Need to create a “No Entry” sign? Print the details on a sheet of bright, visible red without using up extra ink to get the vibrant color. This is also a great option when you need to color-code things by age group, help designate different lines clearly, and so on.

The uses for TerraSlate waterproof paper products are about as endless as your imagination. Learn more about the features and benefits of our waterproof paper and shop the full range of our products online to get planning (and saving)!

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