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Do You Make Custom Jewelry? Make It Last With Waterproof Paper

TerraSlate Jewelry

Creating custom jewelry is a great way to get exactly what you’re looking for. Thanks to online sites like Etsy, it’s also an increasingly popular option for crafters to make money at home while doing what they love. To see the best success as a jewelry artisan, though, it takes a bit more effort than slapping a few pretty gems together. 

One of the most popular options for personalized jewelry is to make resin jewelry. This option is so well loved because it allows crafters to create the ultimate in personalized pieces. Simply choose whatever small objects are appropriate, suspend them in resin, and voila — you have beautiful, custom pendants ready to turn into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and statement rings. And, because just about anything can be suspended in resin, your options include both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. 

The Problem With Resin Jewelry

While resin jewelry is amazingly versatile, it’s not without problems. Common complaints include dust and pet hair getting trapped in the resin — which is typically clear or gently colored so you can see every little thing that gets stuck in the gooey resin before it cures. It’s incredibly important to have an impeccably clean workspace so you can be sure you won’t find any annoying little surprises after the resin cures. 

The other big problem comes in when you want to resin-cast paper products. Since the resin will be in a liquid state when you’re creating your pieces, you may find that things like paper and fabric can bleed or warp. Basically, if the item will change appearances when wet, you could probably seal it or find some other means of protecting it before you add it to your resin jewelry. 

Want To Skip Sealing Your Paper? 

Adding paper to your resin jewelry gives a wealth of different options. You can do traditional maneuvers like adding book pages to showcase a special quote, but you can also use specialty paper to create an opal-like effect, add multiple layers of paper for a reversible charm, and more. Really, the options are as endless as your imagination. However, you’ll need to understand how your materials will interact with resin in order to get the look you imagine. 

More often than not, that means coating each bit of paper with a sealant or otherwise taking measures to waterproof any paper or fabric materials before you coat them in resin. This process is time consuming, messy, and can be difficult when you need to be sure you’ve coated the entirety of a paper without going overboard and warping it. Remember, any little blemishes will show up clearly through your resin (unless you’ve added colorants to darken the resin). 

If you’re tired of dealing with sealants and warped paper, the alternative is to switch to TerraSlate waterproof paper for all of your resin-based jewelry projects. Since our paper is waterproof from the outset, you don’t need to worry about sealing it or finding ways to avoid paper warping. And, since you can easily print on our waterproof paper with a standard laser printer, you can customize your projects to achieve a myriad of different effects, including printing your own custom art and designs. This is a great way to really expand the breadth of your resin jewelry offerings to suit any taste, and to take special requests from customers with minimal hassle and cost!

Making Custom Paper Beads That Last

Another popular way to make your own custom jewelry is to craft paper beads. Now imagine how much simpler this process would be if you didn’t have to lacquer every individual bead with layers of waterproof coating! Well, with TerraSlate waterproof paper, you can skip the hassle and make paper beads that are more durable with far less hassle — and a lot less expensive, too! TerraSlate waterproof paper is made to be highly durable, not just waterproof, so you can just dab on a couple of small spots of strong glue to hold each bead together, roll them, and carry on with your projects. Your projects will go a lot faster, and you’ll need fewer materials when you don’t have to stop and coat every little bead with sealants. 

Are you ready to save money and bring new life to your custom jewelry-making projects? Explore all that TerraSlate waterproof paper has to offer, and grab your sheets today to get started!


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