Better Business Models: Nightclub Menu Printing & More

Better Business Models: Nightclub Menu Printing & More

It’s a great night when the drinks are flowing. Generous libations generally means a great night for you and your nightclub just as much as it does for your patrons—particularly on those nights that your place is packed without the encouragement of some variety of special event or happy hour. Of course, the goal for nearly any bar or nightclub is to have as many good nights as possible because that generally means better business. In order to keep people coming by, many bar and club owners employ strong marketing strategies and frequent events to their entrepreneurial efforts, and for good reason. It is a great way to get people in the door and availing themselves of your offerings. Just remember that the little details can be just as impactful to your bottom line as your marketing. If you pour all of your efforts into a heavy marketing strategy but you miss how much you’re spending on day-to-day necessities, you may not see as much of a difference in your overall profit margins. If you own a nightclub or bar, it is important to at least check in regularly and see where you can save in terms of operating expenses in order to help your business succeed.

How Well Does Your Nightclub Operate?

No matter how great your marketing efforts, if you do not have a handle on your operating expenses, you will likely always struggle to get your profits where you want them to be. This can mean anything from buying more durable glassware to printing better menus. Your marketing strategies, whatever they may be, are there to get people through the door of your nightclub, but once customers are in, the more important step is to create an enticing enough atmosphere that they stay. Better still, your nightclub’s day to day operations should be appealing enough to bring customers back for a second visit, then a third, a fourth, and so on. Repeat customers can be one of the best ways to boost your business on a more consistent basis. However, it will take some pretty stellar deals to bring people back if your bar or club lacks appeal—no matter how awesome your marketing, word of mouth is generally even more powerful.

Never underestimate the power of furnishings and fixtures when it comes to operating anything in the food and drink services industry. This means your bar, tables, chairs, even your glasses can have an impact on your profit margins, because it’s all about creating the right atmosphere to appeal to your clientele. The other side of that, of course, is finding fixtures and servingware that are durable enough to hold up to the high level of use. Even your menus can have an impact on how a customer perceives your club or bar. After all, if a menu is too warped to be legible, you’ll have a harder time selling drinks or snacks.

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Waterproof Menu Printing

When it comes to upkeep for your menus, a bar or nightclub is one of the worst offenders. Condensation-coated glasses and sloshing accidents can wreck a paper menu in seconds, and the zealous (and occasionally clumsy) sharing between patrons means that even a laminated menu will bubble and peel more quickly than you might prefer given what they cost to be replaced. Just because your menus see a lot of hard wear, it does not mean you should be restricted to reusing old, worn menus or constantly paying to print and laminate more.

At TerraSlate, our 100% waterproof menus are the perfect solution to keep your menus looking sleek and clean no matter how many drinks get sloshed around. Our menu printing services give you the option to choose the size and weight of the paper we print on, so you can easily customize your menus to fit the image you want to evoke. We carry waterproof paper options that are thick enough to be used as standalone menus or thin enough to attach to a tablet or slide inside a multi-page menu folder. And, the most important factor of all, our menu printing paper is waterproof and tear-proof. Our paper is designed to stay colorfast and look as sharp as it did when it first came off the printer, even after months of use. We even sent it through a commercial-grade dishwasher to test durability. You can see the results for yourself here.

Are you ready to start saving? Contact TerraSlate today to learn more about printing your nightclub or bar menus and experience the difference for yourself!

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