Choosing The Right Weight For Your Waterproof Paper

Choosing The Right Weight For Your Waterproof Paper

Have you ever wondered about the day to day life of some bygone civilization? There are so many clues that we can glean based off things like existing architecture and preserved artifacts. One of the biggest downfalls, however, is that many of the big clues to older eras are lost to us because of one simple thing: paper. Even as far back as ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations, many records and important documents were created using paper (or paper-like products) and ink. But because paper is nowhere near waterproof or resilient enough, most of those old records have been lost and humanity is left guessing at what things may have been like. Just think about what we might know if paper was more resilient.

Now, we are not necessarily suggesting that every document ever made needs to be preserved, but there are absolutely some documents that would have done well to be made with waterproof paper. For example, just think about how exciting it would be if the Dead Sea Scrolls had been waterproofed or preserved somehow. At TerraSlate, we have developed waterproof paper for those uses, both great and small, that need to last.

Waterproof Paper

TerraSlate waterproof paper is not made like regular paper, but it works almost exactly the same — with one notable difference. Our waterproof paper can be printed on with just about any standard laser printer or copy machine. It can also be written on with any ballpoint ink and will remain colorfast. Even our colored waterproof printer paper options work this way. The only tough question left to figure out is which paper weight you need.

5 Mil

Our 5 mil waterproof paper is what you could consider the “standard” weight. 5 mil is a good option if you are looking to print things like important financial documents, training manuals, recipe cards, marriage licenses, and other documents that need to be preserved but do not necessarily need to hold up against major wear and tear. Think of this as the option most similar to printer paper.

8 Mil

The next step up is 8 mil. This waterproof printer paper option is great for uses that need a bit more heft to them. We suggest creating things like waterproof menus, plant tags, scuba dive logs, and wall charts from our 8 mil waterproof paper options. As you can guess from the list, 8 mil is a bit thicker, making it able to stand up to more wear and tear. This includes options like sitting out in the elements for months at a time.

10 Mil

10 mil waterproof paper is going to be thicker and even more durable. This weight is a good option for printed materials that do well when they have a bit more heft to them. This includes things that will be handled often or need to stand up against additional wear and tear. We suggest 10 mil for printing things like wine lists and table tents, outdoor posters and signs, and PODD books. 10 mil can be folded, punched, cut, and printed on just as easily as the other weights, but it has the added benefit of being able to ‘stand up for itself,’ so to speak. The increased rigidity makes it great for signage and high-traffic paper products that call for a slightly more formal feel.

14 Mil

This is our heaviest waterproof paper weight, and a great option for those tough and dirty jobs. This includes things like signage for parklands, blueprints, kitchen safety notices, and so on. 14 mil waterproof paper is our most rigid option. It is made to stand up to more extreme environmental conditions as well as occasions that you need an extra-sturdy feel. However, please note that this weight does call for a commercial printer because of the thickness.

If you have a specific purpose in mind and you are unsure which of our waterproof printer paper weights is right, give us a call. The TerraSlate team can help you find the best option based on your intended use. We also offer an array of sample packs in different waterproof printer paper sizes so you can get a feel for the different weights we offer. Explore TerraSlate online to see the full range of different waterproof products we make, too!

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