Gyms & Pools, It’s Obvious You Need Waterproof Paper

Gyms & Pools, It’s Obvious You Need Waterproof Paper

When a group of kids are having fun in a pool, it is not often that all the water stays where it should. There is nothing wrong with that; it just means that the kids are doing what they are supposed to: having fun. But all of those splash wars, cannon balls, and dares to jump in the deep end translate to almost as much water outside the pool as there is in it! The area around the pool is, generally, designed to take that kind of moisture abuse, but there are a few things that do not survive quite as well. Specifically, we are talking about the informational signs you need to post around the area. How many times have you closed for the night and found you need to reprint all of your temporary signs — again — because they got drenched to the point of illegibility? End the cycle of destroyed signs and wasted resources with waterproof paper.

Protecting Your Signs

In pool areas, it stands to reason that things will get wet, but gyms can be just as likely to see signs damaged by moisture. Take, for example, a hot yoga class. Not only do you have a group of people sweating because they are all working hard, but also the room is generally heated and given additional humidity to encourage the body to sweat more. It makes sense to hang posters in each of the class fitness rooms to advertise specialty classes or upcoming events, but if you use standard printer paper or even thicker poster paper, it will not take long for those event advertisements to warp and blur from the moisture in the air. In both pools and gyms, moisture is an issue. Do not let that stop you from advertising in the best spots around your facility, or posting warning information where it will be the most effective.

Waterproofing Solutions

One of the most common solutions to protect signs from moisture is pouch lamination. It is not a bad option, necessarily, but it is also not the best solution for a couple of reasons. First, it is not a great use of resources. Yes, it is better than reprinting the same signs or posters at the end of every day, but there is not a good way to unseal and reuse the plastic sheets each sign is laminated with, so they cannot be used again. Second, this means you are paying for the lamination materials as well as the printer paper and ink each time you need to create another sign. Those costs can appear negligible on a per-page basis, but when you add up hundreds of pages in a month, the difference is harder to ignore.

Waterproof Paper

The solution? Waterproof paper. Instead of laminating each warning sign or advertisement that goes up around your facility, TerraSlate waterproof paper provides the durability and professional look you need while helping you save. Our waterproof paper is actually made from a specially designed plastic, so it’s waterproof right from the start, with no additional treatments or specialty printing processes required. Just use your standard laser printer to create clear images with crisp lines and no blurring, and enjoy waterproof posters and signs without any additional work.

Since you do not need a lamination pouch or any additional materials, our waterproof paper is generally more cost-effective while providing a better result. In addition, you can also enjoy a more durable product. Our waterproof paper isn’t made like standard printer paper; it’s made from plastic, so it’s far more durable than even laminated paper. Have you ever seen the peeling, separating, and bubbling that occurs when laminated paper gets bent? Our waterproof paper can be twisted and tugged on and even run through a dishwasher and it will endure without visible signs of wear.

Customizations Galore

Our goal is to help make it as easy as possible for you to print your own custom signs and posters with ease. We offer a range of different weights, colors, and sheet sizes so you can choose the waterproof paper that best fits your needs. If you do not see what you need in our online shop, give the TerraSlate team a call. We will be happy to work with you to provide custom sizes and other options. Get your TerraSlate waterproof paper today and experience the difference for yourself!

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