Have Fun with Upcoming Unconventional Holidays

Speaking of unusual holidays, happy Marzipan day! Marzipan is one of those items that people love or hate it. Primarily used in bakeries, it is made of almond meal and sugar and easily molded for pastry decorating. Celebrating the fun and unusual things in life encourages an air of positivity. You can add some fun shapes to the sliced cake you serve! It’s the extra mile that restaurants take that catch the eyes and tastebuds of diners. Encourage repeat customers by giving them an exciting and fresh twist to their meal to celebrate one of these unusual holidays.

Strawberry Ice Cream Day, January 15, is perfect for restaurants to get in on the action. Strawberry ice cream is loved by many and makes for an easy-to-prepare dessert that’s also easy to source. Include toppings like chocolate syrup, and we’ve got a winner! Add this yummy ice cream to your menu for a short time to increase sales for your restaurant- it’s sure to be a hit, especially with the kiddos.

Hot Sauce Day, January 22, falls on a Sunday but can be celebrated the whole weekend! This celebration is for those who love hot wings, hot salsa, and hot fries to test their limits. Stock up on a novel, spicy selection of hot sauces to add to your repertoire. Restaurants that serve wings can advertise ahead of time that they have a hot sauce challenge coming up. You can make a competition out of it- if a customer can finish a special plate of wings coated in one of the sauces, they get it free! Chances are, they can’t do it. Try a Carolina Reaper or Ghost Pepper hot sauce to attract the crowd!

February 24, a week after Valentine’s Day, is Tortilla Chip Day. What a perfect opportunity for restaurants serving chips and salsa to participate! If your Valentine’s Day was slow, make up for it by drawing new customers in by offering free chips and salsa throughout their meals. Many restaurants have started to charge for the chips and salsa that often come before your food, so it will be a nice gesture to offer it for free on this day. Customers will take note and walk right in the door.

Pi Day is March 14. While it celebrates the mathematical sign pi, many people like to have fun with it and make pies as a fun gesture. Your restaurant can, too! Sell slices of pie on this day as an added menu item. Plus, it’ll attract the pie connoisseurs walking past your restaurant. Just don’t forget to advertise it with signage!

Eggs Benedict Day comes on April 16, the perfect holiday for breakfast-inclusive restaurants! Attract more customers by running a special on your Eggs Benedict plates. They’re already popular, but you can always draw more customers to your restaurant! By offering a percentage off those plates, you’ll catch the eyes of the early birds and bring more customers to your restaurant.

During the winter season, it’s nice to liven things up with these quirky celebrations. They are small things, but people search for novel experiences since many activities are limited this time of year. But it’s all for nothing if you don’t let the public in on what you’re doing. Go on social media and engage with your customers- make posts telling them ahead of time what your unique celebrations will be. Take great pictures of your food items to advertise and entice people to visit your restaurant. Place signage out that’s visible from outside your restaurant to attract passers-by. Have your servers inform diners about what your restaurant is doing and when. Place table tents to inspire patrons to order a pie, a plate of Eggs Benedict, or to take on the hot wings challenge. These small gestures are in a class of their own, which is why they help your restaurant attract customers at the slowest times. Let TerraSlate help you celebrate these new, exciting days with menus and table tents that advertise your specials!