Menu Design 101

We’re taking a quick break from our outdoor blogs to talk about essential elements of a menu design for restaurant menu printing. No matter if you are just starting out in the restaurant business, or have been in the industry for years and are looking to revamp your menus, having a well-designed menu that adheres to menu design “science” will have a winning effect on your business.

Descriptive Language

As you begin, you should have an idea of the style of your menu in mind, but before you start pulling out the design tools, you must write your menu item descriptions. Write your menu descriptions, with the atmosphere and overall general feel of your restaurant. As you incorporate your restaurant theme into your descriptions, you should employ these methods to describe your delectable dishes:


Though it is helpful for any description to play to the senses, you can choose to describe your menu items in words that directly bring images, tastes, consistencies and textures to mind: tell your restaurant patron what sensory experience they can have with your food. Use descriptive words such as “blackened,” “crispy,” and “spicy,” evocative language that plays to the sensory experience of food in the moment of food experience.


Another way to influence your customers into a sure buy is to brand your food, making it seem that the food options that they have will be an experience and can only be experienced at your restaurant. As many world famous and successful restaurant owners and chefs have indicated, when someone enters your restaurant, they aren’t just looking to find food to satisfy their hunger, but they are at the very least, subconsciously looking for an experience.


Food that calls back to a specific geographic area can also help further create the atmosphere that you are creating with your restaurant. Describing your food as a “fusion food “ can also draw your clientele in, because again you are giving them an experience, that can only be found at your restaurant. Give your client a cultured experience by making your food about its origins.


People greatly associate food with memories or times of their lives long past, as well as general periods of history that are associated with comfort and simplicity, or sophistication. Though appreciation for times gone by are particularly popular with younger crowds, anyone will enjoy the experience of eating food that not only is delicious, but also reminds them of pleasant memories.

TerraSlate Restaurant Menu Printing

The descriptions of your food will make or break your menu and ultimately the success of your business. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog, Menu Design 102 about tips for perfect menu layout and other factors such as color, design, and eye magnets that can make your menu successful. Also, learn more about TerraSlate’s restaurant menu printing service! After you’ve spent so much time perfecting your menu, print it on paper that will stand up to the wear and tear of the restaurant business. TerraSlate’s waterproof paper can help you keep your menu’s looking nice and clean!

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