Money Saving Tip: Use Waterproof Paper To Make Your Own Signs

Money Saving Tip: Use Waterproof Paper To Make Your Own Signs

How often do you head to your local marketing company for new signs, prints, or posters? Whether you are getting the word out about a new business, advertising a special event, or just revamping your store’s displays, signs are a big part of any physical marketing campaign. But, if you lack the capability to print everything yourself, the expense can add up, and fast! Print marketing is a key part of advertising for just about any business, but that doesn’t automatically mean it should be an expensive one. With the right materials, you can print your own signs and posters without sacrificing quality. TerraSlate waterproof paper gives you the opportunity to do just that. Here’s how our specially designed waterproof paper can help you save:

Why Waterproof Paper?

Think about how much simpler it would be if you could mock up a new sign and print it without leaving your office. Unless you run a large marketing firm or a printing company, that isn’t likely to be an option. However, our waterproof paper circumvents a lot of the issues that send businesses large and small to a professional printing company.

First and foremost, our waterproof paper can be easily printed using practically any standard laser printer. There is no special pre- or post-printing process necessary to make the ink stay or to waterproof the design; just print as you would using normal printer paper. Our waterproof paper is created to take the ink and hold fast, so there isn’t any blurring or smudging, just crisp, detailed materials.

Another key component that makes our waterproof paper so different is the durability. Our paper isn’t actually paper the way most people think of it; it’s a specially-formulated plastic that can be printed on and written on in pen like normal paper. Since it is made of plastic, it is tear-proof and impressively durable.

Of course, the other major element of our waterproof paper is that it is, you guessed it, waterproof. This isn’t just water-resistant paper that can deflect a few drops of moisture. You can take our waterproof paper for a swim in the ocean, and it will remain intact and color-tight. It’s more than enough to stand up to the wind and rain that may occur in your area. Add all of these great elements together and our waterproof paper is an easy, cost-effective option for all your sign needs, both indoors and out. But, there are a few other benefits as well.

Ditch Professional Printing Services

Do you have someone in-house who handles all of your digital marketing? If so, outsourcing your print work can be a hassle on multiple levels — but a necessary one to ensure your signs are all properly printed. Many professional printing companies will require you use their design team in order to have things printed. Logically, it makes sense. Using a professional team generally results in higher-quality images and text. However, if you have someone in-house who can do an amazing job, there’s no sense in paying someone else to do the work. Printing your own signs and prints with our waterproof paper means you can skip the expense of using the print shop’s design team.


When you know a sign will be out in the elements, it’s understandable that you want to know it will hold up against sun, rain, wind, and other potentially damaging effects. Indoors, your signs need to be fade-resistant so they don’t discolor under artificial lighting. Our waterproof paper helps you save on the cost of durable, weather-resistant materials.


Time is often a factor that gets overlooked when calculating expenses. But, if you’re waiting for the printing service to deliver proofs, the time between each revision is costing you. Then, if you’re waiting for a large batch of prints to be delivered, that is days or weeks you have to go without your new advertising materials — which means valuable advertising time lost, along with potential customer losses. Instead, you can purchase TerraSlate waterproof paper in a wide range of sizes, colors, and thicknesses so you can print your own designs as quickly as your printer (or local Xerox location) can go. Or, if you use TerraSlate’s printing service, we can have your designs printed off professionally in a fraction of the time.

Save money on your print advertising without skimping on quality. Explore TerraSlate online to see all our waterproof paper has to offer, then contact us for printing, design services, and more!

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