Professional Menu Design Services: The TerraSlate Menu Consultation Process

A restaurant menu does far more than simply list off the various food and drink options at a given establishment. A well-designed menu can actually help boost sales, and a poor layout can actually discourage customers from buying more. Pretty powerful, for what amounts to a couple of sheets of paper. For this reason, it is often more beneficial to invest in professional menu design services, especially if you do not have a background in marketing, design, or another related field. At TerraSlate, we offer menu design services as well as menu printing. When it comes to designing a new menu, our team starts with:

Menu Analysis

For restaurants that already have a menu, our first step in the menu design process is to give your current menu a thorough review. Depending on your menu, it may or may not be beneficial to work with what you have rather than starting from scratch, so we will take the time to analyze what elements of your current menu work well and which components can use some help. This step helps us start each menu design with a solid foundation, so we can minimize revisions.

Discovery Process

For those who do not have a menu already or do not have any sort of design for your menu, the discovery process is designed to help us get to know more about your restaurant and brand. It goes beyond simply handing over a list of your dishes; we want to get to know about the colors in your restaurant, what the setting and mood are, what your cuisine focus is, and more. A comprehensive idea of your restaurant concept as a whole will help us create a menu design that fits your overall brand.

Menu Design Creation

During the actual creation process, our menu design team will incorporate your brand, menu items, colors, and any other ideas we have gleaned. In addition, we will keep with menu design best practices in terms of layout, structure, imagery, and even punctuation. See our previous blog for further information about what this will entail.


We want to be sure you are happy with our menu design. We will provide you with mock-ups and make revisions as necessary. We know that no design is perfect the first time around, so we ensure that there is time built into our menu designs services to cover any revisions that need to be made. During this part of the menu design process, we can tweak colors, adjust fonts, change borders, and even adjust the layout from a single sheet to a tri-fold menu if you choose.

Menu Printing

Finally, once the revisions are done, it is time to get your menus printed and ready to use! At TerraSlate, we have a range of menu printing services, so we can ensure your menu design is printed just as you envision it. All of our menus are printed on our proprietary waterproof paper, which is rip-proof and repels water, grease, and anything else that may get spilled during a meal service. We even put our waterproof paper through an industrial dishwasher to test it; watch to see what happens. TerraSlate waterproof paper offers clear, laser printed images that will not rub off or fade. And, because our waterproof paper is also rip-proof, it will not fray, and a tri-fold menu will not fall apart at the seams. The qualities of our waterproof paper make it the perfect material for lasting menus to help improve your profits.

If you are looking for professional, full-service menu design and menu printing services, contact the TerraSlate team today to get started!

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