Protect Your Plans: Get Building With Waterproof Paper

Protect Your Plans: Get Building With Waterproof Paper

How often have you heard a poorly-timed joke or a snide remark made nearby any time you mention a connection to construction? The propensity for both new-build and renovation projects to take longer than quoted has become an incontrovertible fact that nearly reaches the same level as death and taxes. Unfortunately, any number of different causes can delay a project, and many of those causes are near-impossible to plan for. While delays from causes like weather and theft cannot always be prevented, some smaller steps can help mitigate those problematic delays. One step often overlooked at many construction sites is document protection. While it may sound like a simple step, using waterproof printer paper throughout the building process can help save time and expense.

Blueprints Matter

Construction sites are often dirty, grimy, muddy, mess-covered work sites. How often have you needed to delay a project because the plans you needed were too covered in construction site muck to be legible? And how many times have plans ripped right at the point your team needed clarification? Any construction company worth their salt will have spare copies of the plans,  because accidents happen and paper is usually one of the first casualties at a building site. However, if the spare plans are at the main office across town, even a one or two hour delay can make a difference. Yes, one hour spent retrieving spare plans may not seem like it would make much of a difference for a multi-month project, but how often are plans ruined only once? As a random example, say the plans are somehow ruined eight times during the course of a nine-month project and work has to pause while the spare copy of the plans is not on-site. If work has to pause each time a copy of the plans has to be retrieved, that adds up to be a full eight hour work day that your company has paid your workers not to work. Sure, there are often other things to be done while waiting, but that is still a full day of work lost to plans that were wrecked.

Protecting Your Plans

Over longer projects, a lost hour here and there can add up to days of time that delay the project. Minimize the amount of time your crew has to wait by using waterproof paper. First, the rather self-explanatory solution is that waterproof paper means you can print blueprints, alterations, and anything you need, trusting that the ink will not run or bleed. Even if the rain is pouring down at the site, you can comfortably spread the plans out for perusal and trust that each little line will remain easily legible. TerraSlate’s waterproof printer paper is made from synthetic materials and is designed to let most liquids simply roll right off, and that includes grease, dirt, and grime as well as water. Our waterproof paper is designed to allow printer ink and ballpoint pen ink to adhere cleanly without bleeding, but water, grease, and other liquids will roll right off.


See How It Works

The other factor, and perhaps the more broadly applicable for landscape design and construction sites alike, is that TerraSlate waterproof paper is also made to endure a great deal of wear and tear. Because our waterproof paper is made from synthetic materials, it will hold up under the onslaught of wind, high-pressure water streams, and more. You could probably even bury it under a pile of rubble and—assuming it isn’t punctured by nails or rebar—it would still come out alright after being unearthed. “We knew our waterproof paper would be going into some hazardous environments, so we designed it to withstand as much wear and tear as possible without impeding the printing process.”

Saving Time

With waterproof paper, you will inevitably save time on site as fewer sets of plans are accidentally rendered illegible. The other bonus to TerraSlate paper that many overlook is that you will no longer need a specialized printing service each time you need new sets of plans. As long as you have a printer with the right size capacity, you can start printing off plans yourself. Our waterproof printer paper is designed to work with nearly all printers and copy machines, so you will not have to make use of a specialized service. See our paper sizes and color options in our online store and save your company time!

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