Small Business Marketing: Stand Out With Waterproof Paper

Small Business Marketing: Stand Out With Waterproof Paper

In an ever-evolving world of both digital and print marketing, companies across the nation—and the world—are constantly on the hunt for better ways to stand out from their competitors. As a small business just starting up it can be especially hard to stand out with physical marketing strategies when the competition has the funding for brightly lit billboards and all-encompassing ad campaigns. Thankfully, marketing for a small business does not necessarily require a massive budget to compete with bigger companies. It just takes a bit of creative thinking and a more imaginative use of resources. When it comes to print marketing methods, there are a few things you can do to stand out without paying exorbitant prices for marketing.

How is Your Print Marketing Budget?

In terms of marketing, it may seem overly-simplistic to say, but remember this: appearances matter. An advertisement can say many things to a potential customer, and that does not just mean the literal words on the page. Think of it this way: if two posters advertising the same product were hung side by side and one looked freshly printed and pristine while the other was faded, weathered, and torn, which product would you be more likely to gravitate toward?

Specifically, when it comes to physical marketing one of the primary differences between marketing strategies for a large company and a small one is the difference a higher budget can make. A large company will, generally, have a larger marketing budget than a smaller one as a factor of overall profits. However, that larger budget does not necessarily mean that a larger company can hire a better, more experienced marketing team.

In this case, the difference in budgets is not a difference in manpower as much as it is a budget for the physical ads, banners, posters, and so on. A smaller company with a smaller marketing team can feasibly run comparable digital marketing campaigns just as well as the large one. What most smaller companies cannot do, generally, is keep their physical advertising in good repair as easily as a larger company due to budget constraints. That higher budget allows larger companies to swap out ads and signage more frequently, so not only is their content always fresh and new, the signs and advertisements placed around town never have the chance to age or weather. It is the ability to almost-constantly swap out ads that makes a difference for those businesses with more room in their marketing budget, not the size of their team.


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Finding Ways to Compete With a Smaller Budget

A business with a smaller budget can absolutely keep up with those who have expansive marketing budget. Doing so is a matter of using one’s budget wisely, rather than freely, and finding creative ways around the material expenses. This is where TerraSlate’s waterproof paper comes to the fore. Our waterproof paper can be printed on with very nearly any printer or copier, so you can design your print campaign to look however you choose; the only limitations are your team’s creativity and your printer—though, we do also offer professional printing services on top of the line digital printing presses whenever needed. With our waterproof printer paper, you can design and print advertising materials in virtually any size and color in a flash. Your designs will print clearly and the colors will stay fast, even when hung outdoors in less than optimal conditions. Not only is our paper designed to repel water and other liquids, it is also designed to take a beating and keep going. We even sent our waterproof paper through a commercial dishwasher’s powerful spray to test the endurance levels, and it came through looking entirely unchanged. If you are interested, you can watch that video here and see the effects for yourself.

Because our waterproof printer paper is made to be colorfast and as durable as well as waterproof, you have the potential to save a great deal on physical advertising. Your posters, banners, and other ads will stay bright and look freshly printed for years after traditional paper and laminate marketing materials have fallen apart from weather and use. Learn more about the size and color options available in our shop, and see what our printing services can do to help you save on your print marketing campaign!

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