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Summiting a mountain is one of the most impressive feats man can accomplish. Whether you like adventure or you’re ready to set a goal for yourself that seems like a dream, climbing a 14er is a success you’ll love sharing with friends and family once it’s all said and done. So, what 14er would you like to climb? In our recent posts, we’ve been giving readers the information they need to summit the mountain of their dreams with a waterproof paper banner and a picture of you holding it for proof. So, what mountain will you set as your goal?

Here’s a list of the most popular 14ers in Colorado that you have to check out!

Crestone Peak

Crestone Peak is located in North America, and is the 36th highest peak. It rises an impressive 7,000 feet above the beautiful San Luis Valley, and it shares its name with another fourteener named Crestone Needle. Crestone Peak is 14,300 feet, and gives climbers views of jagged peaks as far as the eye can see. If you decide Crestone Peak is your 14er of choice, be sure you know there are two routes you may choose to take: North Buttress or Northwest Couloir. North Buttress has a class 4 rating, involving scrambling; Northwest Couloir has a class 3 rating and reports the route having steep snow with possible ice to overcome late in the season.

Discover and Shop!

There are plenty of 14ers to choose between if you’re looking to set a goal and crush it this year. Feel free to choose a mountain we’ve listed in our previous posts, and stay tuned for more recommendations in our next blog: Consider Climbing a 14er With a Waterproof Paper Banner. In the meantime, be sure you order a waterproof paper banner to accompany you on your tasking hike.

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