Waterproof Paper: Making Scrapbooking More Fun!

Scrapbooking: Making Custom Pages and Materials Easily

There’s no denying that scrapbooking is a deeply-involved act of love. Every page made is a series of intentional decisions that are carefully thought through to make something that is both beautiful and personalized for the recipient — even if the recipient is yourself or your family. There’s also no denying that scrapbooking can get pricey. All of the fun sheets of cardstock paper, stickers, decals, stamps, and decorative tape can add up quickly. You need it all to make your work perfectly personalized, well, we know several of you reading this have spouses who just don’t get all the expenditures. Are you looking for a way to save a bit on scrapbooking, without losing out on personalization? It’s time to give TerraSlate waterproof paper a try. 

What’s The Scoop on Waterproof Paper?

Our waterproof paper is exactly what it sounds like — and more. It’s a sheet of paper, and it’s waterproof. You can write on it with ballpoint pens, pencils, and most markers as well as run it through a standard at-home laser printer just like you can with your usual stack of traditional paper. However, unlike traditional paper options, you don’t have to worry about sloshes and spills. You also don’t need to worry about rips and tears because our waterproof paper products are all rip-proof and can withstand just about anything except scissors and other blades. Check out our rip test video for a demonstration and a good chuckle. 

The full features of our waterproof paper include: 

  • Rip-proof
  • Colorfast - no post-printing treatments needed
  • Heat-resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Repels water, grease, solvents, and chemicals
  • Smooth texture for highly detailed printing and writing

Essentially, you can use our waterproof paper like you would any other paper product; it just comes with some extra benefits to make your projects even easier. 

Scrapbooking With Waterproof Paper

When we talk about using our waterproof paper for scrapbooking, it’s time to unleash your imagination. Fortunately, we can trust you’ve got a great sense of creativity if you’re a scrapbooker! Here are a few ways you can use waterproof paper to create even more custom pieces and save a bit on materials costs: 

Printing Custom Patterns

How many hours have you spent searching through the wall of scrapbooking paper at your local craft store? When you just need a set of colors or some texture, it isn’t that hard to grab what you need. But when you have a very specific idea in mind, choosing the right scrapbooking paper is a totally different experience. Well, good news! If you can find or design the pattern you’re looking for, you can easily print your own scrapbooking paper. All you need to do is find a printable version of the design you like or create your own in whichever editing software you prefer. Then, simply load a few sheets of waterproof paper in your printer and turn your digital pattern into lovely, thick scrapbooking paper! This is a great way to save a lot of time and effort while getting the results you want. And, since we offer multiple weights of our waterproof printer paper, you can get the thickness and level of stiffness you prefer. 

Creating Stickers and Embellishments

Maybe you don’t want to go all-out by printing your own paper designs. We get it; printing a beautiful, detailed toile design is one thing, but creating your own glitter paper is a whole different level of effort — one that is better left to the paper makers, for your sanity’s sake. If finding the perfect scrapbooking paper isn’t your biggest frustration, there are other fun ways you can make your life easier without compromising your designs. 

You know those sweet, silly, and colorful little embellishments are what add a load of pizzaz to each page. Sure, stickers and decals may do something serviceable like hold a label in place, but they’re also what make your pages come to life. They are the fun details that bring a theme together and make that page personal. You can take it to an even more individualized level by making your own stickers, shapes, and icons! Instead of using that generic smiley-face emoji sticker, create a little printout of your child’s silly smile and use that instead! A little dab of super glue will hold your embellishments in place, or contact cement will really make sure your designs stay put. 

Adding Waterproof Photos and Labels

While we are on the subject of printing, here is another idea: make sure your photos will hold up over time by printing them on waterproof paper. One of the biggest struggles with traditional photo printing is that sunlight and time will eventually wreck those images. By printing photographs on our waterproof paper, you can enjoy high-quality, colorful images; the only limitation is your printer’s ability. You can even bring a flash drive of images and a stack of waterproof paper to a professional printing service to get exceptionally high-quality photos made. Whichever option you choose, TerraSlate waterproof paper is colorfast, so you don’t need to worry about images fading over time. You don’t need to fret that all of your hard work to create personalized photo albums will be ravaged by time!  

Similarly, waterproof paper is a great way to make sure that each little label that goes under your photographs will remain easy to read for years to come. Our paper is waterproof and rip-proof, so you don’t need to worry about time or humidity blurring labels. You will always know which person in the photo is your great-auntie twice removed and who the classy gal in the handmade Christmas sweater is. Plus, with the variety of fonts available, you can get the look of an elegant, hand-written script (or any other style) without painstaking hours writing everything out by hand. 

Designing Custom Images & Designs

More often than not, we assume scrapbooking is about creating photo albums, but really, it can be anything from a cookbook full of family recipes to hand-made books for the little ones in your life. Whatever it is you’re creating, our waterproof paper gives you the flexibility to make your creations truly individualized. Print family recipes on our waterproof paper to ensure they will remain legible after years of use in a hot, messy kitchen. Make your homemade books and don’t worry because our rip-proof paper is strong enough to handle a little one’s repeated use, even when they are teething! You can print your own calendar pages, reference charts, maps, and anything else that will provide the perfect, personalized touches for your scrapbooking creations. 

Explore Our Waterproof Paper Products

Are you ready to make scrapbooking easier and even more personalized? Connect with TerraSlate if you have questions about our waterproof paper products. Shop online to explore the colors, sizes, and fun options we have to make your scrapbooking projects all you want them to be! 

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