We Have Color Waterproof Paper!

We at TerraSlate are pleased to now offer colored waterproof paper. Not only do we offer our high-quality paper in eight vibrant colors, but we also can create custom colors as well, with no extra charge. TerraSlate is always looking for ways to further accommodate our clients with the quality of our products, the options available, and customizations we can provide. Though we are sure you already have ideas for how you can use colored waterproof paper, here are a few ideas as to how colored waterproof paper can serve you.

Attention Grabbing

Color, depending on the amount of additional colors around it, can draw special attention to not only an important document, but also to an important sign. Colored waterproof paper can make sure those signs you put up around the office or the kitchen, are noticed.  Additionally our waterproof paper can draw attention to important documents in a packet or binder. Color has a psychological effect on its viewers: use that to your advantage!


Not only can colored waterproof paper draw special attention to certain documents, it can draw attention to your documents. Color is a visual element you can use to your advantage.  A common phrase we like to use: Color and branding go together like peanut butter and jelly. An old one, but a true one. To help your company’s documents stand out and for your clients to know that the documents or signage is yours,  choose the colors that are in your logo or part of your brand aesthetic. Design and color choice can play a key role in setting yourself apart from the competition and drawing proper attention to your brand.

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Important Signage

TerraSlate offers their colored waterproof paper in all the weights in accordance to their regular waterproof paper. This means you can also create waterproof signs with our colored paper as well. Having signs in bright colors, among other signs and posters, can ensure they are seen in vivid fashion. However, keep in mind if you post your sign in an area that is already visually busy, your signage can get lost amidst its background. Location and choosing the proper color, work together to create eye catching marketing materials or practical signage.

Means for Organization

Colored paper can also give you the means for better organization. Not only can, as mentioned earlier, you use colored waterproof paper for important documents to ensure they are not overlooked, but you can also use colored paper to divide sections of work documents and binders. Color-coding organization with colors that are vastly different from each other can be highly effective.

Why Choose TerraSlate?

TerraSlate is truly excited to offer our clients additional quality waterproof paper products, such as colored waterproof paper. As a company, we provide nothing short of quality and effective products to serve our clients’ needs.  Especially when clients need important documents or eye-catching signage, they can rely on us. Here are the reasons why our clients are continuing to choose us:


Our waterproof paper is virtually indestructible and fully submersible. It can even fair through the dishwasher unscathed. If our paper is cut, the pieces are fully waterproof. Our paper is waterproofed through and through, no exceptions.  


TerraSlate’s paper isn’t laminated; our paper is made completely of waterproof materials allowing us to give you paper that can truly weather the storm. Unlike our competitors, our paper is better quality, costs less, and is manufactured in a fraction of the time.

Proof & Quick Turnaround

There is no extra charge for proofs or customization, and every client is given a physical or digital proof. Due to our fast manufacturing process, we can deliver your products to you within 1-2 days. We believe in giving you the best products, and providing them as soon as possible.


Yes, we do offer green-colored waterproof paper, but at the moment, we are talking about our paper’s effect on the environment. When you invest in TerraSlate, you do not have to worry about negatively affecting the environment.  Mainly due to the fact our paper is basically indestructible, it is also recyclable. Also, when you use our paper, it will significantly outlast regular paper, and other laminated products. Therefore, we, you, us are saving trees.

TerraSlate is a Denver-based company who has partnered with local businesses, sports teams, national companies, and a variety of other clients around the world. Our waterproof paper has been used in restaurants, construction sites, underwater, and in the harshest environments. Visit our website, TerraSlate, to learn more about our TerraSlate paper, our products, and to order your next durable documents, high-quality sign, or waterproof menu from us today!

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