What is TerraSlate Waterproof Paper?

Paper has been around for ages and used daily in our business operations. It was a revolutionary invention for it’s time and today it is a convenience that most of us in first world countries take for granted. Without paper our lives would be completely different. Our books and records would be astonishingly different and it is doubtful that we would have convenient items such as Post-Its, note tablets, and copy machines. As our society has progressed, the need for improvements on the original paper have been needed.

TerraSlate has manufactured and now offers businesses, as well as individuals, options that they may haven’t thought possible through high-quality waterproof paper. Our waterproof paper is unique from other “waterproof” or water-resistant papers. Ours is waterproof throughout, meaning that if our paper is cut or someone is strong enough to tear it, the paper is still waterproof and whatever text or image that is printed on it remains unaffected.

What Is It Made of?

To provide our clients with the best, we manufacture our paper of synthetic, polyester-based material. This material is of course waterproof and submergible, tear-resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures. It is also unaffected by grease, solvents, chemicals and trips through the dishwasher. This material also allows for the use of ballpoint pens and can be used in a copy machine or laser printer.

What Sets It Apart?

Our waterproof paper really is the most durable paper on the planet and offers businesses many use options. It has been used to produce waterproof menus that can withstand the catastrophic messes of a toddler, as well as that of a grown messy drunk man. Our paper has also been used as a means of creating maps, company documents, playbook pages, and other materials that must withstand the wear and tear of use, as well as weather the elements. We are able to offer our clients this because our paper, unlike others actually is waterproof.

Is it Really Waterproof?

The short answer to this question is yes, it is 100 percent waterproof paper. We do not, however categorize it as water resistant and here’s why. Paper that is said to be water resistant is meant to repel light exposure to water, but can not withstand submersion and many water resistant papers, if they become wet, can not be used with a pen, pencil, or eraser, and can easily become damaged. Water resistant paper is made with a film or skin placed over the paper, making it essentially laminated, whereas waterproof paper is waterproof through the entire paper structure.

So, What Does it Cost?

We are sure at this point you are probably wondering what the catch is. Perhaps it’s easy to acknowledge the paper’s usefulness and the options it offers, but does the cost outweigh its use? We at TerraSlate are pleased to tell you that there is no catch and it is actually less expensive than laminated paper and significantly so. Also, it can be manufactured in a fraction of the time, saving you the one thing that can not be replaced, time. To see a complete comparison breakdown of TerraSlate waterproof paper and laminated paper, go here. Also, the amount of money that TerraSlate can save you in eliminating the replacement of documents is also a major consideration for our clients. And, when you are switching your seasonal menus, you don’t have to feel bad about getting rid of your old menus of waterproof paper because it’s recyclable.

Order Your Waterproof Paper Today!

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