Why Buy Durable Paper?

Water proof paper is essential for many different excursions in life. Whether you want to take a hike to the top of your favorite 14er, or you are getting ready to head to the deep depths of the Caribbean sea, having water proof paper with you along the way to take a picture with where you are located is essential and memorable. So, why do we recommend that you choose to purchase the water proof paper here at TerraSlate?

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Reasons to Buy Water Proof Paper for Memorable Excursions

It Is Affordable

First things first, did you know that our water proof paper is more affordable than lamination? That, and it is more effective in damp and wet environments, too. Printing on our paper will not only support your adventures, but it will be there to stand the test of time, in both wet and dry conditions.

It Is Durable

Although are paper can be cut with scissors, it is completely tear resistant and definitely durable. Having a durable and water proof solution for all of your paper needs can provide you with memories you can look back on and reminisce.  

It is Quality

When you have hiked 10 miles to get to the top of a mountain, you do not want to worry about the type of paper you have stowed away in your pack when you take a summit picture. Instead, you want a high quality, reliable and durable piece of paper that will state the mountain you’ve just summited.

It is Compatible

The paper online here at TerraSlate is available in nearly any size. You can choose to have larger posters made or print whatever you would like onto normal paper sizes. If you are choosing to summit a mountain, you can also order one of our 14er Summit Signs for $4.00. This sign is currently on sale, saving you $5.00! No matter what waterproof paper you order, you can rest assured that it will be compatible with your printer.

It Has Multiple Applications

Did you know that waterproof paper has thousands of different applications? Whether you are posting signs out in the city that need to last for a week or longer, or you are wanting to create long-lasting labels, you will be able to do just that with our paper here at TerraSlate.

Shop & Contact

With waterproof paper your options for use are nearly endless. We highly recommend you take advantage of all of the wonderful applications our affordable waterproof paper can provide for you. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to walk you through our process, including how we recommend you print on your paper. Furthermore, if you would like to summit a mountain this summer, it is time to take a look at the amazing features the 14er Summit Signs have to offer. And, if you would like normal waterproof paper, choose between 11x17, 12x18, 8.5x11 or 8.5x14. Peruse our incredible selection and take advantage of the sales going on right now. Again, contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our products or services.

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